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Wall choice

I bought this great Waverly fabric to recover my kitchen chairs so I could have a cheerful kitchen but the yellow I put in the walls is too insipid with my wood color! Any ideas, anyone? My countertops and appliances are almond.

Match of Waverly™ WV32012 Gypsy Gold * Match of Waverly™ WV32012 Gypsy Gold *


Thank you so much for your question. Could you please let me know what type of wood you have in your kitchen? Or if you have a photo to add to the conversation, that would be great. I'm assuming that the wood suddenly looks very yellow or orange with the other colors?


Here are my cabinets.

And furniture

Thank you so much for posting the photos! This is so helpful in answering your question. Love the fabric for your chairs!

With the extensive wood cabinetry, and the almond counters and appliances, my thought is to take another color out of the chair fabric, for the walls.

Have you considered a blue for the walls? Or perhaps something that works with the neutral green in the pattern? The red looks good on the wall, but does seem dark with the cabinets. With so much warm wood and off white counters and appliances, a pale cool color or pretty neutral would open the room up.

If you can paint the colors you're considering onto a sample board to place next to and/or beneath the cabinets, this will give you the best idea of what might work. When your'e sampling color on a dark wall, allow white space around the color sample to get an accurate read of how the color will look, otherwise the darker color will influence how it appears, even if the darker color will be going away eventually. You can get that white space by either painting your color sample in the center of a board, or simply taping up white or off-white paper surrounding the sample board. Sampling is important, as computer monitors vary so much in rendering color, and color can appear differently depending upon the surfaces in any room.

Here are some colors to consider sampling, based on the photos you've posted:

Benjamin Moore Windmill Wings 2067-60

Match of Behr Pale Lichen PPL-79

Match of Behr Soft Denim ICC-46

Match of Behr Blue Reflection ICC-35

Benjamin Moore Lime Sherbet CSP-845

Benjamin Moore Butter Cookie CSP-995

Thank you for your question,


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