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finding compatible paint colors

Is Eddie Bauer Oatmeal compatible with Eddie Bauer Honeysuckle Bloom?


Thank you for your question. These colors appear to be compatible with each other. To be sure that they'll work together in your home, you'll want to sample them as color can vary by computer monitors.

Thank you,

Im using twilight navy on my ceiling in my garage and im trying to figure out what color to do on the walls i was going to use highland mist but after painting one wall i just am not liking that combinations and im trying to figure out what other color i could use on the walls

Hi Brent,
Thanks for your question. I was unable to find twilight navy on the site. What brand is this? Also, there are a few different "highland mist" paints, what brand is that color? It would be more efficient to move this question to its own thread. Here is a link to one of the Highland Mist matches, Could you reply to this conversation there?

Also, could you tell me a little bit about what you have in mind for the style of the garage? What color type of color your'e considering.


Hi there. I am looking fro a compatible rich (darker) pink with light green. I found on the web someone had mixed Peony with Split Pea and Chocolate Fondue from this site but can't find it on here to order. My cabinets are very dark wood. Any suggestions for colors and brands? Thank you.

Hi Lynroth,
Thank you for your question. I may be able to find those colors you mentioned. Can you tell me a bit more about the room? Assuming this is the kitchen, and you are considering the cabinets as the dark brown in the scheme?

Thank you,

Diana it is a camper kitchen area. The real wood around the drawers and cabinets is stained very dark brown. Looking to paint the fake wood cabinetry holding the drawers/cabinets, the interior drawers/cabinets and the wall behind. Thank you so much!

sorry for the double picture : (

Thank you for posting the photos. This helps so much with suggesting colors.

Here is the color combination you mentioned, using all Benjamin Moore Colors. This is a very fun palette:

Benjamin Moore Peony:

Benjamin Moore Split Pea:

Benjamin Moore Chocolate Fondue:

And here is a slightly different and muted combination of similar colors:

Benjamin Moore Paradise Pink:

Benjamin Moore Pale Avocado:

Benjamin Moore Hasbrouck Brown HC-71

I hope these suggestions help. Be sure to sample any colors you're considering, as computer monitors vary. Also, in a small space with less natural light, the colors may appear differently.

Hope this helps,

Thanks so much for these suggestions!

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