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Champion Cobalt

My daughter wants to paint her bedroom Champion Cobalt Benjamin Moore 2061-20. I'm a little nervous the color is too dark/too strong/ looks like an aquarium. Any thoughts?

Benjamin Moore™ 2061-20 Champion Cobalt Benjamin Moore™ 2061-20 Champion Cobalt

Benjamin Moore Champion Cobalt is a gorgeous color. I also share your concern that the color will be overwhelming in a bedroom, as it is quite dark. Also, paint colors appear often appear darker once on the wall, and is subject to available light. Paints are rated by LRV, which is a measurement of how much light is reflected from the color. Champion Cobalt is a 6.7, a typical beige is usually around 67. This gives you an idea of the complications of using a color with little light reflection for a bedroom.

There still may be a way to use this color successfully for her room.

1) Accent wall. Have you considered using this color as an accent behind her headboard? A fun look is an accent wall, then using the dark color on the back of bookcases or as a painted desk or dresser on other walls.

2) As a stencil color. Using a lighter shade of this color as a base, one wall could be stenciled with the Champion Cobalt. There are tons of trendy wall stencils available now in patterns and florals.

3) Split the wall color horizontally. Using Champion Cobalt as the lower color, you can add molding around the room with a lighter neutral or lighter shade of the same color on top. I would even consider adding the palest shade from the paint strip as a ceiling color.

4) Stripes. Wide horizontal stripes can be really fun and modern. You can find a lot of inspiration for striped walls, on the internet or Pinterest.

5) A lighter shade. Here is a lighter shade of Champion Cobalt, This color would still be fun and dramatic, but perhaps more suitable for a bedroom. (If you'd like to see other shades from this paint strip, they would be numbered 2061-40, 2061-50, 2061-60, and 2061-70.

Be sure to sample the colors you're considering before committing to them. I would suggest using a large sample board to move around the room to get a clear idea of how dark the color might be in her room.

I hope this helps,

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