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Serene Manila 10331

I just bought a lot of this shade - Serene Manila 10331 and yet I don't see it on here. Has it been discontinued or was it just not added? I'm curious as to whether I'll have an issue obtaining it if I need it in the future. Thanks.


Thank you for your question. Could you please tell me more about the paint that you just bought? What brand is it? I don't see any reference to that color on this site, or on the internet. I can research the question for you, but need to know the brand of paint.

Thanks so much,

Hi Diana,
Thanks for your reply! I'm sorry, I can't believe I left that info off there! It's Glidden Paint and I see shades on here with names that are on the same swatch as the Serene Manila 10331, but that could either be coincidence or I might just have no idea how this whole thing works... Haha There are plenty of very similar shades, I'm just curious as I want to know if I need to snatch up a bunch of it now while it's there or not. Thanks again!

Also the top of the swatch reads: WM034 if that helps at all. Thanks!

Ok I looked around on this site more and apparently it's the latter - I had no idea what this was about. I apologize. I was looking for an image of the color initially and arrived at this site and was concerned when I didn't see it. Now I see this is color matching paint and while that isn't what I was looking for, I'm glad I found it! It can definitely come in handy for the future as I have a lot of renovations in the works. Thanks so much and I apologize for my own confusion!!

Thanks so much for following up. Glad I could help a bit. You may want to contact Glidden directly to ask about the color, as it could have been renamed.


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