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Shared bedroom

For the time being, I will be sharing a bedroom with my 3-year-old son. All of his things are Disney items in shades of blue & green. All of my things are in darker colors like burgandy, black, purple. I don not want white & am not happy with neutrals like tan or beige. Is there any color that could tie it all together? The floor in the room we will be in is a dark wood


Thank you for your question. I love a color challenge, and yours is unique! It's helpful that you've let me know what colors you're not considering. I think that beige or tan would not be a great option.

My first thought is that a gray should be a consideration. It's neutral enough to not compete with the other colors, but is not cold like white. With the black and burgundy in your decor, with the Disney colors of your son's decor, the right gray may be the answer. The key is finding the right one. I'm going to suggest some gray colors with just a hint of blue, because that's a color that is underneath most of the colors you've mentioned. In addition to the grays, a pale purple or lavender could work, as well if you're open to that. Because as the adult, you'll be more aware of the wall color day-to-day, so a strategy may be to choose the color that works best with your decor, but doesn't clash with your son's decor. Sharing a room, you'll definitely want to find a color that works for both of you, but feels grown-up and serene at the same time.

Every color in your combined color scheme is cool or neutral, so a cool color for the walls is going to feel the most unifying and harmonious. You will want to do some sampling of the colors you're most seriously considering, to get just the right look.

Here are some suggestions to get you started. There are grays and a few lavender grays here:

Benjamin Moore Silver Mist 1619

Benjamin Moore Gentle Gray

Benjamin Moore Airway 828

Benjamin Moore Angels Wings

I hope these suggestions point you in the right direction. Please let me know how it works out!

Thank you,

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