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Room color transition

We recently moved into a home with an open floor plan and I need help giving it some personality. It is all yellow/brown/white now. All the walls and ceiling (yes, the ceilings are the same color as the wall) are a beige/yellow with white cabinets/trim. We want to add some color to break up the kitchen/dining/living room without being choppy and confusing. I had planned on decorating the kitchen with yellow/red/black colors, but I'm not sure how well all of those will look with what we'd like to do in the living area. We were thinking of painting the living area (keeping wall of bookshelves/fireplace the same) a sage green. I thought of painting the one accent wall in the dining room a clay red to match the décor in the adjoining kitchen but I'm not sure if the green, red, yellow and white would be too much. We have a lot of yellow and white to mix and match with other colors. Any help would be appreciated.


Thank you for your question, and the extensive details. I would be happy to answer your color scheme concept question. From visualizing your space, and the ideas that you have, I think that your color plans can definitely be successful.

Here are a few things to consider as you choose your colors: Be sure to sample the colors you're considering. Because you'll be coordinating colors from room to room, you'll want to sample everything together before committing to any colors.

I don't think that adding a sage green would be too much. The key is choosing the right green. Because the other colors are warm, your green should be warm, as well. Watch out for blue or gray greens, as many sage greens can be. A green like Benjamin Moore Plantation is warm, but still green. It may not be the right color for your home, but it illustrates a warm green.

I offer the same advice for your red accent wall. Choose a warm red if that will match your existing kitchen decor, being careful to avoid either a pink or blue appearance in the red if possible.

The white in the rooms is fine with the colors you've mentioned, as it's a trim color and doesn't detract from the color scheme. In looking at the colors you've mentioned for your home, I can think of numerous landscape paintings, fabric patterns and decor accessories, with that same color scheme. If your colors are chosen and sampled carefully, there should be no problem.

I hope this is helpful,


Thank you for your response and advise!!

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