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Exterior house color

Would this work on a small 1920's Cape with dormers? Not sure if it will be too dark.

Match of ICI™ 456 Fauna * Match of ICI™ 456 Fauna *


Thank you for your question. This color is a dark color, and painted in on a large surface, it can appear darker. While that isn't always a bad thing, depending upon trim and perhaps shutter, and door colors, it may not be the look you're seeking. Do you have a photo to upload below, of a similar home with a color you like? I can suggest similar colors that may not be as dark.

Please reply below, and I will follow up with suggestions, if you'd like.


I will do that and get back to you. Thanks!

Image was found on Pinterest and noted ICI Fauna 456 as the exterior paint color. However, the chip above appears much darker. I would like to make a near match to the image attached. Are you able to make any suggestions?

hi, you really cannot go by the image on screen. it is ou a digital representation of the color. Unfortunately we cannot match a color from a photograph. The only way to truly gauge the color is to view a physical same of the color and ideally test it at your house.

thanks for your speedy reply, Jason1!

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