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have a very large room cathedral ceilings - open dining room with regular windows - kitchen open to the dining room - color chart - I did see dining room and kitchen with a soft green. The reasons for colors I have a very expensive sofa and lover seat I have to work around now with colors of mostly green, but looking at it you do see a dominate yellow tan leading to mild yellow tan,subdued flowers sll over with dark mauve almost a dark brown red then leading to all greens in a soft colorings. I know it is not particularly in style, but at the time it matched my other chairs and the material is very expensive and well made. Maybe this coloring style will come back again as it is not bright and easy on your eyes, but it does have a lot of dark to very mild lime green at the end. You also see some light slate blue with the other colors. I did see desert tan in a darker living room and a soft green in the kitchen that you do see some of the desert tan from the large door leading to their 4-season screen/windows room. I would like your idea of a color chart with the above colors if it has the potential of these colors. I know Benjamin paint leans to the dark side as I have about 7 color samples: thunder ( did see a picture of it, but I forgot the colors of my furniture, different yellows: safari, barley, Oieli (a leading yellow from last year, but too light, changing to greyish blues that did not harmonize at all with the furniture. All of our trim is honey oak and all other furniture is honey oak except our dark grand piano. I should mention we have an island between the dining room with a sliding door (I want to treat it like two doors-I l wanted french doors, but was talked out of it, and a double window that protrudes out, but it is all seen by our cathedral top to the bottom of floor it takes up most of our front of the house (four windows across with another 8 shorter windows, half moons on the side and a large half moon window at the top.The cathedral ceiling leads in our kitchen, kitchen, entry way, and hallway. A lot of painting from the cathedral ceiling to the high and low walls. Could help me with a color chart as I did mention Desert Tan-2153-50 and Van Alen Green HC-12-(I believe it looks like soft green we see in the furniture. I really need your help! This is going to be a big investment plus drapes. Speaking of drapes do you have an idea as I have white cotton textured tie-tops, but do not have enough as Pottery Barn ran out of them, and I haven't heard from them what I kind of credit I should get as half of them had like dirty threads going through them. I have spent a lot of time, tying knots-three to four times as I finally noticed the difference it the white white drapes to the dirty looking drapes. I have a disability working too hard at my last workplace, but I did work for a CEO until their stock went public. With my disabilities, muscles affected, I do have a lot of company. This all started the beginning of 2013 as I like the swatches of this material. I should have know they were on sale without a lining, and my other designers lead me to blinds with valances throughout the house. We do have a very scenic back with woods, a pond; sort of a wild scenery with ducks and deer. I live in Wisconsin with very cold and snowy winters and some very hot summer days. Jut for your background info.


Thank you for all of the detail you've shared about your paint plans. Your home, and its setting near the woods with all those windows, sounds lovely! I believe that i can help you with general suggestions for colors to sample in your home, though more than that is beyond my scope here in the Q

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I believe that i can help you with general suggestions for colors to sample in your home, though more than that is beyond my scope here in the QThank you for your understanding on that.

I will be happy to suggest paint colors to sample in your home, once we can break down your question room by room. It's my understanding that you'd like color suggestions for the Dining Room, Great Room, and Kitchen. Are you looking for a different color for each room? Or will any rooms have the same color?

Your floral sofa has a variety of colors that will make selecting wall colors in the Great Room much easier. It sounds as though your initial color ideas are good ones, and perhaps i can help you refine your ideas into a few possible colors to sample at home.

I agree with you regarding your drapes. In a home with so many windows, it's so important to get window treatments that are just right. I'm not an expert in window treatments, but I think that white cotton tie-tops, or even a neutral linen, could be nice. If possible, you may want to wait until you've decided on your paint colors before choosing the drapes again.

Please reply to this comment with a break down of your specific color needs, room by room, and I would be more than happy to suggest paint colors to try. If you have any photos to add to the conversation, you can submit them below my reply via "Add images" button. You'll definitely want to sample any colors your'e considering, with your extensive windows and tall ceilings.

Thank you so much,


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