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I Need another color with this Eddie Bauer pecan color in the room. Any suggestions please? Thank you

Thank you for sharing a photo. Could you please provide a bit more detail about the color you're looking for? What type of color do you have in mind? What area of the room is getting a new color? Love the color and wall treatment!

Thank you,

Thank you Diana,
This is a picture of my living room. The bottom wall color is the eddie Bauer pecan color but I'm trying to find a warm color that will complicate the pecan. The top is oriental silk color(creamy beige with a hint of yellow) which I'm not really sure it is giving me that warm room feeling. I would love to stay in the pecan color chart but I'm not sure whether I should go lighter or a little darker with the wall and the crown molding. I'd like to keep the room light because it doesn't get much light during the day. Thank you for all your assistance.

Thanks for your reply. From what I can see in the photo, your idea of having the upper wall lighter, is a good choice for the room in view of the lighting situation.

It would be tricky to try and find another neutral that could work with the existing color because of undertones. Have you considered simply using a lighter shade of the bottom color, on the upper wall? You can order a sample of the Match of Eddie Bauer Pecan here: and on the ordering page, you can specify a lighter shade of this color, by percentages.

Because neutral colors have undertones that can conflict, I usually suggest using a lighter shade of neutral instead of trying to match two neutrals up.

Hope that helps,


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