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Authentic Color - Benjamin Moore colors can only be made in Benjamin Moore paint.

MyPerfectColor makes all colors using authentic Benjamin Moore paint.

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from $2.49

Top of page reads "buy this color from $2.49" but there is no option on the screen for that.... please advise. Thank you.

Hi, that is a sample paint, you can find your color and add it to cart to proceed here

I hope this help


Thank you. I am still having difficulty, however.
I went to the color sheet page tried entering the color, it keeps coming up "not found." I tried entering the paint color name, the paint color code together

The color sheets are only available for Benjamin Moore colors. Could this explain the problem you are having?

You should be the one answering this question! I have provided the details of the particular color I am seeking in each of my comments : Match of Martin Senour Paints™ 27-2 Tidewater. I am not familiar with your processes - if you are matching another brand's color, are you doing so with Benjamin Moore paint??? Furthermore, the reference that indicates a color sheet is available "Buy this color from $2.49" has been removed from the webpage for that color at some point between my last comment

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On-screen colors are digital representations and will vary from actual paint colors.