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Help me transition?

Our living room is in Glidden Sweet Tea and Tea & Honey. Now looking to paint kitchen & entry which are both seen from the T&H walls. Also the entry leads to an open central stairway leading up, where we'll ultimately use blues & grays. Color to help tie this together?


Thank you for your question! I am happy to provide suggestions on the information you've provided me in your question. If you have a photo of your rooms that you could upload, I may be able to offer additional ideas.

For the entry way, my thought is to use a light neutral to coordinate with the existing (Match of) Glidden Tea and Honey of your living room. You have the option of either choosing a lighter shade of that living room color, or an entirely different paint color. Doing either would coordinate well with your plans for blue/gray for the staircase. There is also the option of using one of the living room colors in the entry way as well. You'll want to sample any color you're considering, as paint color can vary from monitor to monitor, and room to room.

Here are few suggestions for colors that might work for your entry way:

Match of Glidden Porcelain 12452

Match of Glidden Chalet 15922

Match of Glidden 72-97

For your kitchen, you can also use the lighter color suggested above. Depending upon the lighting, and other surfaces in your kitchen, you also have the option of repeating one of the colors from your living room, or even using one of the blues or grays from the staircase. Kitchens, because they don't often have extensive wall space, can be a place for a more bold color choice. You're really limited only by the lighting, and by the cabinetry, in your choice of color.

Please let me know if you have a specific color idea for the kitchen, and I would be happy to suggest more colors.

Hope this is helpful,


thanks so much, Diana! Appreciate you taking the time to give some advice- I'll check these out

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