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Leap Frog Green

I am painting my nursery for my first child. The theme is Leap Frog. Would this be considered the same color as Leap Frog? Also, what other colors would go with this green?

Match of Sherwin Williams™ SW6431 Leapfrog * Match of Sherwin Williams™ SW6431 Leapfrog *


Thank you so much for your question. I would love to assist you with the colors for your new nursery. Could you please clarify your question regarding Leap Frog. Are you referring to the paint color above, or a product with that name? I would be happy to suggest coordinating colors, once we establish that this color is the right one for you.


Yes, I'm looking for the Leap Frog Product color. I'm sure you are aware of the Leap Frog items for children. The nursery will be in that theme. I would like the colors of the walls to be that Leap Frog Green and Yellow. Or any other colors you may suggest, besides PINK. Please help. Thank you.


Thank you for clarifying this for me. I've done some research to try and identify the Leap Frog product color definitively, but I'm unable to do this without the product in front of me, as the product colors vary from page to page and photo to photo. My best suggestion would be to bring a Leap Frog product to a local paint dealer, and match it using their fan decks.

If your able to identify the main color, and reply to this comment, I would be happy to assist you with coordinating colors.

Thanks so much,

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