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match color allspice

I have painted my living room and breakfast area allspice, I need to pick out different colors that go with allspice for my kitchen, dinning room and furor. It is an open floor plan so you can see all the walls from anywhere you stand. there is half a wall dividing the kitchen to the livingroom.


Do you have the paint brand of allspice? Since allspice is a very popular color name there are various shades that come in different matches. If you prefer you can always attach a swatch.

Thank you,

Maria Anna K.

It is allspice by Olympic One with primer in it. Thank you for your help I am really going crazy trying to figure out what color to paint the rest of the house. It really is not the color I expected it to be so having trouble.


Need confirmation if this is the right color (Allspice). In the system Olympic paint was found not Olympic One. What issues are you having with this color? I will attach the color found to get confirmation that we are on the same page. From looking at this color I see a nice burgundy, or green and some golden colors to experiment with. Please note this is a not a live color consultant and online consultations can vary from an in home visit. So it is recommended to sample all color.

Color for Review


Maria Anna K.


Perhaps the Allspice needs to be changed to another color that is not too brown. Just a thought to consider.

Maria Anna K.

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