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I have a narrow hallway, I am considering using interlude AF 135 for the sides with frappe AF85 on sides (under molding) . What would you suggest for the vestibule, and adjoining kitchen colors?

for a narrow hallway (dark?), interlude appears it may be a tad too dark. Hard to say from a distance. What color is molding? Frappe is pretty light. can't visualize your different "sides" with two distinct color choices. kitchen choice depends on so many other factors...cabinets, floors, appliances. I would choose kitchen color first and then hallway to complement it in a more subtle way. My last kitchen was Potters Clay with Frappe cabinets and SS appliances and choc brown blend tile floor. I loved that combo.


Can you attach photographs? You have a lot going on with various shades, lighting, and from my understanding with how everything is angled. I do agree with all of the factors of a kitchen and selecting colors. Color is complex and most of the time an in home color consult would work best, since I am not in your home making observations of your lighting conditions, walls, cabinets, counter tops, angles of walls, sky lights, and considering your decor and furniture. I am only going by text and monitors and not your live environmental factors. Please understand this is an online consult. I will do my best to assist you. Those were ideas given, only to think about, not a design consult.


Maria Anna K

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