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Help adding color to existing exterior stucco and trim

My stucco is frazee sienna sand, my trim is frazee balsam bark. Those colors I am keeping. Front porch railing and garage door are little big horn frazee, shutters are sweet earth frazee. I'm about to have my railing and balusters repaired and it will need to be painted so I started to think about changing the color. I'd love for a pop of color for the door but I can't visualize everything together. I'm open to changing the garage door, railing balusters, shutters, even the pop outs around the windows. I'd love a red, green, orange, gold, blue door. I just don't want to make it clash with my existing stucco and trim. A pop of color subtle and easy on the eyes. The tree is also coming out.

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Sorry. I'm having a hard time with the photos.

Thank you so much for the photos, and the clear explanation of your question.

Looking at your house, I think using a white paint color, similar to the garage and window trim, would be something to consider for the front railing. This would give great definition. I would not change the garage door, it looks great with the other colors.

For the windows, a great look to consider is using your eventual door color, or deeper shade of that color, as a trim color in the inside area of the white trim on the outside windows. This is a classic look that adds a bit of pop to windows (like eyeliner for windows.)

For the front door, I can see that a great color will bring the door out. I loved all of your suggestions. Here are colors that might work for your door. Be sure to test all colors you're considering, as the color will vary from computer monitor to application on your home.

Benjamin Moore Stratton Blue HC-142

Benjamin Moore Marblehead Gold HC-11

Benjamin Moore Stuart Gold HC-10

Benjamin Moore Rust 2175-30

Benjamin Moore Paris Green HC-118

Hope this is helpful in your search,

Thanks for your advice. I will definitely do the railing white. I was considering it but always overthink things. So I'm happy you suggested that. The railing is repaired and about to be painted but before we start I'm thinking of the door. I love the colors you picked but now I'm really thinking I want something deeper maybe bolder. I really like the idea of a burgundy or a red. , maybe even a deep blue. Can I get your opinion and recommendation before I start?

I was wondering about pulling a color from the tree.

I'm considering Ben moore caliente but if so should I stick with the brown railing? And what would I do with the shutters?

Thank you for following up! I still love the idea of the white railings if you choose a red or blue door. I think that the shutters would be great as they are, in brown, if you chose a deep red, rust, or blue, for the front door. Burgundy would not be my first choice with your existing colors.

Would you like color suggestions for the door?


Yes please!

Any suggestions for a deeper color?

Shared photos

Almost done. Thanks for recommending the white. I ended up choosing a rust orange color for the door. I still have to do touch ups and second coat. I also need to paint the gate. Slowly but surely.

Looks gorgeous! The white really freshened the whole house up. I think rust was a great choice, too. Well done!


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