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True color of 6004-6A

I have a paint swatch from our local Lowe's 60004-6A Brush Meadow - and it looks nothing like the color on the Valspar website when I put the color in !?! How will I know which color my paint will be??

Match of Valspar™ 6004-6A Brush Meadow * Match of Valspar™ 6004-6A Brush Meadow *

Hi Becky,

Color can be frustrating at times, especially looking at websites and comparing magazines and to your actual dwellings at home. Lighting plays an influence with times of day. The type of lighting you get is South, West, East, North the warmth and cool light also plays a factor. Color is very fickle. Also consider websites of photographed homes have a color rendering of the actual live home that sometimes does not translate to another home because of environmental factors.

To get the right color you need to paint large poster boards and prop up against the wall and let it sit for two days. Walk around the room during different times of the day and see how the color feels. If color does not work redo everything again until you feel comfortable in the color. Your home may not have the same environmental factors seen on site. I always place emphasis on sampling before commitment.

So many factors influence color, to keep it simple sample.


Maria Anna K.

I know to do a test sample at the location - the problem is your Valspar Paint Swatch from Lowe's does not match your Valspar website color - and I just wanted to know when the paint was mixed, would it look like your website or like the paint swatch from the store. Perhaps you should go to your local Lowe's and pick up a paint swatch sample to see what I am talking about. If not, Sherwin Williams has said they can match my swatch.

Hi Becky,

I do apologize for the confusion. My main expertise is on color consults and not on matching color. My recommendation is to contact customer support for assistance.

Hopefully your color issue can be resolved. I wish this could of been more helpful for you.


Maria Anna K.

Becky, The paper swatch is the color. You can't trust the image you see on a computer - it is just a digital representation. FYI, this site has noting to do with Lowe's or Valspar. We are offering color matches of those colors.

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