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What hall colors would go best with amaryllis'

Hi Carol,

A great color to go with amaryllis would be a soft golden yellow not too bold depending on the paint manufacturer you are looking to coordinate with. By the way there are ten different shades of the color name amaryllis. Which paint brand do you have?

Type in amaryllis up in the search bar and observe the ten different shades. Just a thought maybe you can pull a few colors from the grouping coordinated with the yellow for your hall colors depending on the color shade you have from your paint brand swatch. If you have a room with your paint brand amaryllis perhaps a hall color from another shade of amaryllis could be the hall color coordinated. Both have to compliment each other. Golden yellows work best. From now I do not know what colors to show you unless I have your paint brand.

Just ideas to think about.

Reply back with your color brand and from there a palette can be created.


Maria Ann K.

Ben Moore the other rooms surrounding it are brown tones also Ben Moore not sure if yellows would work.Thanks for the imput,sure do appreciate it as I am stumped!

Hi Carol,

Now there are a few options, considering not having the browns to observe possibilities have been thought over.

Ideas worth while considering:

Behr Orange Spice

Benjamin Moore Hot Spice

Kelley Moore Mora con Spice

Benjamin Moore Seedling


The red shown maybe too bright just a sample color idea. The color Seedling is highly recommended. The orange spice colors could work, but not having the brown swatches I am not too sure of the undertones.

I know color can be frustrating at times. I hope these ideas will at least guide you into a direction.


Maria Anna K.

Hi Carol,

Before I forget sample all color since from monitor, to swatch, to live dwellings color renderings may vary. Sample all color.

Maria Anna K

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