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color match

HI. I need to match the brown #165 Kona for a restaurant dining area. Please see attached photo. Thank you!


Thank you for sharing the photo. Ibwould be happy to suggest colors for you. Where will you be using the Benjamin Moore Kona? And what is your plan for the matching color?


Hi. Thank you so much for getting nack to me. I am not to sure where would like the brown kona. I thought perhaps for the arches and white below. I want to create an elegant look that is cozy. Maybe is too dark for the place. I don't know. The ceiling is not too high so it does have a little feeling of being closed up. I thoiught a cream color for the ceiling will make it more open. What do you think? Thank you for sharing your expertise.


Hi Kathy,

Thanks for the clarification. LOVE the space! I can see that the ceiling is low, so lightening it up would be a good option, or perhaps a very pale blue to give the room an open look.

For the Benjamin Moore Kona, it may be a bit dark for the room, because the tables and floor are also dark. Have you considered warming up the white of the molding and arches with a creamy color, then use a rich and saturdated, but not dark, color on the areas above. You can choose the white/cream color once you decide on the main color. Oh, and what is the cuisine for your restaurant? That can also be taken into account when choosing a color scheme.

Here are colors that come to mind when I look at the dining area: You'll want to sample any colors you're considering, as the lighting in any room can change a color significantly.

Benjamin Moore Firenze AF-225

Benjamin Moore Night Train 1567

Benjamin Moore Bonne Nuit AF-635

Benjamin Moore Kasbah AF-640

Benjamin Moore Tapestry Gold 2153-30

I hope this is helpful. Please feel free to ask follow up questions, if you have other colors in mind.

Thank you,

Thank you Diana for your professional advise. You are great! I think you are right about the brown (my husband is the one who wants it) will make the place too dark and close in since the drop ceiling is so low. From the colors you suggested I like the Firenze AF-225. What do you think will be a good match for the arches if I pick the Firenze for the walls? Also what ceiling color? I am not too fan of blue. Oh...about the food is going to be Contemporary American (Steaks, Seafood and Pasta). Thanks again Diana.

Hi, So happy to help. I also wanted to suggest Benjamin Moore Masada I didn't include it in my first response, but wanted to put it into consideration.

If you choose a rich warm color like Benjamin Moore Firenze, you have several options for arch colors. If you'd like to keep them light, you can sample a variety of cream colors like Benjamin Moore Niveous

If you'd like a more stylized look, consider:

Benjamin Moore Smokey Taupe

Benjamin Moore Providence Olive

Benjamin Moore Lenox Tan HC-44

Benjamin Moore Danville Tan HC-91

Benjamin Moore Adams Gold HC-18

Benjamin Moore Citrine AF-370

Rich neutrals like those above, keep the room from feeling too warm. They would also work with a variety of rich colors you might choose. Once you sample the colors you're considering, you will see which combination works best for the room. Because lighting and other aspects of every room can affect color, you'll want to take all the time you need to sample the colors thoroughly, especially for such a large project.

For the ceiling, you'll want to choose a non-gray light neutral or off white. With the dark flooring, and warm wall color, you can choose a warm and pale neutral like Benjamin Moore Natural Wicker OC-1 to give a clean and warm look to the ceiling. I prefer an off-white, or lightly colored ceiling for a large and low ceiling, as it keeps it from feeling sooty. Sometimes the absence of color on a ceiling can reflect colors from the wall or ceiling, so I prefer to add a bit of color as an antidote.

Hope this helps. Please don't hesitate to ask follow up questions, and of course please share 'after' pics.


THANK YOU SO MUCH DIane. I will give those colors a test and will definitely share the after result with you. :)

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