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replacement for squire hill buff

We have squire hill buff paint color in our living room but when the sun shines on it, it tends to look a little yellow to me. Can you recommend a similar color but without the yellow undertone?


Color is very complex under lighting conditions and different times of day. Depending if you are facing south or east influences how color looks. Southern/Western light is warmer than compared to East and North.

From looking at your squire hill buff paint color it has warm undertones and it would make sense if you have warm light (Southern/Western) the yellow would pierce through.

With the swatches below I purposely went towards the cooler side a tad bit from your warmer swatch. Perhaps a cooler color can tone down any undercurrent yellow. These swatches are a lot cooler than your color, but a little on the warm side. I was trying to find the right balance. Not knowing your lighting conditions please sample all color by painting large poster boards of your color. The larger the board the easier it will be to see the undertones. You can always test the undertones by using white poster board propped against the color outdoors since white reflects color and it is easier to see. If you see too much yellow then the color was too warm. Hopefully these colors will work, it is tricky working with undertones and lighting. My suggestion is to sample before you buy any paint.

Paint colors to test:

Manchester Tan

Kansas Hawthorn

Cool Beige

Warm Taupe taupe


I do apologize the remaining of the message was cut off. So I will add the extra missing color.

Please note I was experimenting with undertones. It is more of trial and error.

As you check out you can always order a painted sample board in any size.

Hopefully this should work out for you. If not please note this was sampled from a lap top computer so in your home you may have dramatically different results because I do not have your lighting. Color is very complex and can take days for you discover the correct color.

Hopefully this will work out. Good Luck. If you need any more suggestions give feedback and I can see where to go from there.


Maria Anna K.

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