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Authentic Color - Benjamin Moore colors can only be made in Benjamin Moore paint.

MyPerfectColor makes all colors using authentic Benjamin Moore paint.

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House Color

Need help choosing color for our house. It is currently yellow and love it, just want an upated version of it I guess. Or...any other suggestions.

Hi Pammy,

You have a very nice home with all of the trim features. Definitely recommend toning down the trim. The color of your home is over powered by the pure super white trim. There are some color ideas you can consider.

Option #1

Body of Home

Brookside Moss 2145-30


Limesickle 2145-50

Option #2

Body of Home

Amber Waves 2159-40


Cream 2159-60

Option #3

Body of Home

Lemon Drops 2019-50


Lighting White 2019-70

For any other color you may want to use in selecting trim, use the same color on strip but three to four values down from the body color as for selecting the trim.

Hopefully these color combos will work for you. Remember color is fickle in a lot of ways. For one, from my monitor to a swatch and to a sample color will vary in nuances. Due to being out doors notate the different times of day for color rendering. As always sample, a must. Please note this was not a live consult as results may vary seen from monitors to live out door color.

Just another spin on the color wheel, hopefully these options will work out.


Maria Anna K.

Thank you for this great assistance. Only issue I have is our windows are all white vinyl and do not need to be painted so we have tried to work around that. Any thoughts on that? Painting the windows would add continual maintenance as well as significant costs. Thanks again.

Hi Pammy,

Thank you for sharing your concerns. Since painting the trim is not an option now knowing your circumstance here are some color suggestions that can work for the exterior of your home.

Benjamin Moore

Lemon Sorbet

Montgomery White

Manchester Tan


Maria Anna K.

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