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White paint?


I'm about to move into a new apartment.
Now I need some white wall colour advices and wonder if you please could help me out?

The room is rectangular and very light with windows (facing to the north-west) all around,
except on one short side and half of the long side which is opened to the kitchen area (also windows along the walls).

I want a fresh, clean and crisp look without the room to feel cold and too stark.

What kind of white wall colour shade would you recommend?
Would you paint the windows in the same colour as the walls (now they are dark brown)?

Room size: around 30 m2 (7x4 meters)
Ceiling height: around 240 cm.
Floors: oak.

I'm also thinking of putting up some french wall moldings too.

I sent an email to Gilles et Boissier asking what colour they used in their Paris apartment
on Boulevard Malesherbs, but I didn't get any answer. That's the style I'm going for!
To give you a better idea of what colours I'm going to use, I attach a picture of my moodboard.

I so wish you could answer my questions.
It would mean a lot.

Best regards from the Arctic Circle,

Emma Samuelsson

Hello Emma,
Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous mood board! The board really helps me in answering your question. I've looked at the Boissier Paris apartment. The white they appear to have used is a bright white, with just the tiniest bit of gray (judging from my computer monitor.).

I can suggest four Benjamin Moore paint colors for you to sample in your apartment. I do not have access to a color code, but can suggest actual paint colors instead. If you'd like to order samples, you can use the "Select Paint" option on each color page.

Thank you so much for your question. Please feel free to share your 'after' photos here -- I'd love to see them.


Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17

Benjamin Moore Cotton Balls OC-122

Benjamin Moore Decorator's White

Benjamin Moore Super White

Hello Diana,

Thank you so much for taking your time answering my question.

How many percent gray do you think I need to add in a standard white colour?
No other colours added to blend it or just gray?
If you know NCS-codes, what do you think about S0500-N?
What finish would you choose? Matte or glossy?

Many questions, I know, but I'm very perfectionistic and really want to get it right.

Have a great day!

Best regards,

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