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colored silicone caulk on asphalt?

I recently had my driveway paved. I had my house number made out of 1/2 inch rebar then had the asphalt contractor roll over it then remove it to "stamp" the numbers into the driveway. I would like to fill in the outline of the numbers with a colored silicone caulk for a decorative look and also to keep the sides from crumbling. Would this be advisable?


There are some silicone caulks that are specifically designed to be compatible with asphalt, but as far as I know they are all black (people don't tend to think of sealant as a decorative element). Filling the grooves with sealant would help keep water out, but I don't think it would do much to keep the sides from crumbing: the whole point of caulk is that it's flexible enough to move with the substrate.

Unfortunately, I think cracks are likely to form between the grooves (especially from the corners where the stresses are greatest). Filling the grooves with a pourable sealer might be the best option, but again, I think you'll be limited to black.

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