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Matching ceiling

I have my walls painted in maple sugar what color would best match the ceiling? It is for a restaurant. thanks.


I would be happy to suggest a ceiling color for the restaurant. Could you please confirm the brand of Maple Sugar paint that you're using on the walls, so that I can work with the correct color. Also, do you have a look in mind for the ceiling (or the room?)

Please reply to this comment, and I will respond.

Thanks so much,

Benjamin Moore.

Thank you for the clarification. You have many options for a ceiling color, depending on the look you're hoping to achieve for the restaurant, and the mood.

A good choice can be a lighter shade of the wall color, like Benjamin Moore Oklahoma Wheat this can give a cohesive and coordinated look.

If you're looking for a light neutral color, you would want to look for an off-white or cream with warm undertones, like: Benjamin Moore Creme Caramel or Benjamin Moore Capri Coast

I would also suggest sampling Benjamin Moore Dunsmore Cream

If you're looking for something more contemporary, and have sufficient lighting, you could consider a darker or more vibrant ceiling color. You will definitely want to test any color you're considering, as the light and surfaces vary greatly and can affect color. For a contemporary style, you might consider something like: Benjamin Moore Baked Terra Cotta or Benjamin Moore Dreamcatcher

Hope this is helpful,

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