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Green bathroom

Need help finding a good color for wall and cabinets in 60's bathroom with green counter and (slightly different green) tile. I've tried two gray samples (Behr urban putty and Behr Ground fog) that you'll see on the walls, but they are too blue. Maybe a more pure light gray? Or?? Most of the house is beachy blues and greens. We plan to put neutral tile on the floor but it's not in the budget to replace counters and shower tile as well.

I too am painting a bath grey. Grey is tricky - my first paint looked too blue. Second paint was a bit green. I changed light bulb type to cool white.
Too blue? Warm white bulbs may help.

Thanks, peggue47.
Just realized I said I had tried Behr ground fog -- but meant Behr frosted silver. I'm thinking Ground Fog might be a nice basic gray.

I wish all paint retailers had lighting other than flourescent. It looks one way in the store and another at home.

High quality full spectrum lighting in stores does help - but unfortunately it's not the total solution.
When color's appearance changes based on the source of light it's call metamerism. Some colors are more prone to changing appearance light source to light source than other colors. The only thing you can do is view fully cured paint color samples in the room.

Grab a chip of Behr's Silver Drop and see if it's the right color family to work with your green counter tops.

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