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New color choice

I am repainting my bedroom. Originally thought 3 manchester tan wall and one choc wall would be nice but not working. Have white curtains and white bedding was thinking in the gray family. I do have 2 nice painting that I want to use and they are in the purple family ( pansy's and mixed bouquet of flowers with purple mat) Not sure how to go. The woodwork is white - the color that would coordinate with the browns I would love to not have to paint it again. Unfortunately I can't remember which white I used. ( I can't find the paint can)

I don't know about the lighting in your room or how big it is, but consider:

French Violet (BM 1427) for a deep purple on one wall (maybe the headboard wall since the white bedspread would break it up) I'm generally not a big purple fan, but this particular color is very dark and classic - or match the pansy color and grey it down a level.

Or add white or black to the Manchester tan until you get the shade you like and then put it on a paint stick and take it in to be matched.

And of course, get the color in a sample size first. It's easier to dispose of a sample than a gallon of a paint color you'll never use.

Thanks for the suggestion with the pansy color... unfortunately the lighting is not the greatest.. my headboard wall is a sloped wall (cape style house) and I have cherry furniture. That is the wall I painted choc brown and I don't think dark on one wall is going to work. I don't have to use the paintings just thought I would post it as an add on.

I can offer a few more suggestions, based on all of the great info and suggestions you've received so far.

If you'd like to avoid a darker wall, but hope to tie in the artwork without a darker purple, you can try a neutral paint that has a slight purple undertone like Benjamin Moore Pebble Creek 1453

Another popular color that works well for an accent wall, is Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter HC-172 This color has a nice mix of gray and beige.

Another option is to try another neutral, not as dark of the chocolate, but darker than your other walls, to highlight the sloped wall and cherry furniture. I like Benjamin Moore Danville Tan HC-91 for that look:

Be sure to sample any color that you're considering, to get just the right look.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for all the suggestions. I should of stated that I don't want to keep any of the wall colors. I like the revere pewter but was looking at the bm charts and came across cement gray for all the wall or bunny gray or thundercloud gray. Would any of these work? I plan on having all the walls the same color. The painting with the purple mat can go in another room but would love to keep the pansy as that mat is a purplish/blue/gray color. Thanks again for any suggestions.


Thank you for clarifying things. I think that the gray colors you're considering could work well in the room, especially with the blue/gray/purple artwork. You'll want to sample the colors you're considering, as gray can have subtle undertones. Sounds like you're headed in the right direction.

Thank you,

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