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Hello, and thank you in advance.

I apologize if this question merely illustrates my ignorance, but I've looked with great interest at all of your various "color combination" schemes, and have not encountered any that include the color (or perhaps "non"-color) WHITE.

I ask about this in particular because I'm planning on redecorating a small powder room (i.e., half-bathroom), and the new, existing toilet is white. In addition, I found a sink/underlying cabinet design by Martha Stewart, Inc., whose shape and style I like that's also white, with silver-colored fawcets. So, does ANYTHING go from this point on? Or is there some trendy color combo that would be stimulating and attractive to use for the new tiled floor, relatively prominent wainscoting, upper-half of the walls, ceiling, window trim, inside of the door, old-fashioned radiator cover, mirror frame, medicine cabinet doors, etc.??

If this helps, the home in which this half-bath is featured was built in 1926, is relatively large, and vaguely colonial-style.

I'm keen on giving this small powder room a fresh, contemporary look.

With Gratitude,

Hello Peter,

What a great question! In decorating bathrooms, white is often a given so the color combos won't include it. You're right, it can be "anything goes" when starting with white.

With the info you've provided, I can suggest a few ideas. A few of the schemes I've created in the past could work well to give you that contmemporary feel:

Perfect morning


The Right Angle (this my favorite for your powder room.)

You can also find color schemes on the MyPerfectColor Blog. As I scrolled through the past blog posts, I saw several schemes that might appeal to you.

Hope this is helpful,

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