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Making off white cabinets look whiter

My new kitchen cabinets were supposed to be painted a white that was less yellow than linen white but not a blue white. They came in a color like BM Lychee AF-40 Too creamy. What color can I put on the walls that will punch up the "white"ness of the cabinets, as opposed to the "yellow"ness? I have a dark granite counter (almost black with some silver tones in it) and a Min Wax "provincial" stain on a wood floor. Also a walnut island. Thank you!


Thank you for your question. This is a common issue with white cabinets, as there are so many types of white out there and their surroundings can influence their appearance.

Here are are variety of suggestions that could help, not all relating to the wall color.

1) Consider your lighting the room. If possible, experiment with different types of light bulbs. Often cabinets look different in a home because the lighting is warmer. Try natural style bulbs, full spectrum, etc., to see if that makes a difference.

2) Look around at any other white items or paint in the kitchen. Some kitchens may have white trim, white window treatments, white appliances, that make creamy white cabinets feel more yellow.

3) Choosing a paint color to whiten the cabinets can work, too. This will take some sampling, and I'd suggest using sample paint boards so that you can put them up next to the cabinets at different times of the day, to compare.

I would stay away from blue or blue-based grays, as they will make the yellow pop. Beiges with a yellow undertone, warm grays, even greens, could work to make the cabinets feel whiter. If you do like the gray colors, sample a "greige" like Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter as it is a warm gray.

Here are more ideas for colors that you might consider:

Benjamin Moore Knitted Cape CSP-485

Benjamin Moore Shortbread CSP-970

Benjamin Moore Philadelphia Cream HC-30

Match of Color Life White Wood

Match of General Paint Telegram

Match of Martha Stewart Endive

Hope these suggestions are helpful. Because white can be affected so much by lighting, and by other surfaces reflecting back onto the cabinets, you'll want to sample the colors and experiment with the lighting, if possible.

Thank you,

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