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Urgent Exterior Color Scheme Help Needed!

I am resubmitting a previously asked and answered question.  After reading your response I discovered my original question was miswritten and missing vital information.  The corrected repainting project scope is provided below.

My original question, photographs along with your answers are located at  This matter is urgent since we have painters awaiting our Benjamin Moore paint color selections.

The true extent of our repainting project includes the 
- wood siding and trim portion of our primarily brick home
- door casings/trim on of the front door and side door (side door not shown)
- shutters located on the back walls two windows
- whole house upper trim and gutters
- garage door and accompanying trim

Please accept my sincere apology for such a blunder.  I hope you can still help us.

Thank you for clarifying things. Looking at your photos, my previous response, and the new details, my best suggestion would be to sample similar colors as suggested in my previous response. A large painting project like this really needs to be sampled in advance, on the house, before committing. I'm afraid it's beyond the scope of the Q

Thank you.

I just realized that the system cut off my answer. Sorry if it didn't make sense. The rest of my response repeated the importance of sampling colors for such a large project.

Also, the colors that I suggested previously could work well for the siding, with the option of using a lighter shade of the siding color for the garage, or you could use the trim color for the garage door. For the shutters you could use a black, charcoal gray, or deep green, depending on your siding choice.

Hope this helps,

All of your advice truly helps. Again, thank you very much.

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