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Front door color help

I can't decide what color to paint the 2 side-by-side metal front doors and 1 other front entry door. (Most of the door's area is a large glass pane.) The house's cedar siding is painted with Olympic's Stonehedge. The narrow metal windows are a dark brown, which I detest but have to live with. A bit of foundation shows, which is painted white. I've thought of these traditional colors: charcoal, black, an American Flag red, and a heritage red. Have also thought of a bright spring green or a soft yellow or even a medium hot pink. Help???? I'm clueless and stuck. thanks! 3 pics attached


Thank you for sharing the photos of your home. It's so helpful to have a visual reference. Looking at the landscape around your home, and the location of the door, I would consider a red or another bold color for your door. With all of the green around the home, and the recessed porch, a vibrant color would highlight the door beautifully. You'll want to sample the colors before committing, and the best way to achieve that with the door, would be to use paint sample boards leaning on the door (rather than painting the color directly on the door.)

Here are some colors to consider: Match of Ralph Lauren Tucson

Benjamin Moore Moroccan Red 1309

Benjamin Moore Peacock Blue

Benjamin Moore Yellow Lotus 2021-50

Benjamin Moore Deco Rose 1328

I hope these colors put you on the path to th perfect color for your front door.

Thank you,

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