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Fireplace color

Our contractor is almost done with our remodel, but we are stuck on what to paint the living room fireplace wood form around the light brown swirl tile & hearth. The W2W carpet is dark brown. The walls are barely off-white, and the trim is green-gray. We had the fireplace painted a browner than honey-mustard which goes with the rest of the fireplace but not the trim. Do you have any suggestions about what colors to look at for the fireplace? Thanks!


By any chance can you attach a photograph of of your fire place? Need to see the colors in more detail since there are different undertones of brown. My recommendation would be to pull the lighter tint out of the light brown swirl tile

I should clarify...the green-gray trim which you can see around the windows is used throughout the house including the living and dining rooms which are separated by a wide archway to make up half the main floor. The wood framed map on top of the mantle in picture #3 makes me think that some sort of burgundy might work. We prefer not to paint the fireplace the same color as the trim or the background. Please let me know if you any more information and thank you for your vision. Brad

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