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color from 2010

Hi I painted my interior using paint from Walmart in summer 2010; now I want more and can't find it! I don't have the can; and I can't find the color swatch at the store. It is a mossy green that was featured on an oblong medium sized card with a cream and another color, too, as a combo: base, accent, trim. any ideas on how to find it again? I need it!

I'm sorry to hear of your predicament. I'm afraid that without a color name, or swatch, it would be impossible to figure out which color it was. If you know the name of the paint brand, it might be possible for you to look at all of the similar greens in that brand, in case it was released as a single color, or part of a graduated paint color strip. Wish I could help. If you uncover any clues about the color, please reply to this message and I will try to help.

Thank you,

Hi Diana, thanks for answering! I guess what I need to know is if Walmart still carries all the same colors now as it did in 2010? Also, the store where I bought all my paint then has really decreased the size and selection of its paint department (!) Maybe I should go to a different SuperCenter.....I think I bought Kilz paint. I remember exactly the paint card it was on: larger than most paint cards, and it had 3 colors together with a picture of a room painted using them. (Most paint cards have the same color, different shades, and no room). But now, I can't even find that kind of paint card sample! Thanks again.

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