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Mrs. H

I need help finding a paint color that can make old things look new and modern. Goes with all colors and will be good for a retail store. This is a thrift store with dark carpet.
Thank you for your help.

Hi Mrs. H,

Your store has a lot of potential. However my recommendations are to stay with jewel toned colors. Using any color with yellow undertones will eventually be outdated. Think of avocado green. Going with a trending color of the year may eventually be out dating your store as well. These colors are suggested ideas due to the meaning of psychology. Having red walls entices impulsive buys, some people may not stay in the store too long versus the blues will entice longer stays, more found treasures. Red may not compliment as well as blue. Neutrals never fade away over time may become dated depending on undertones. My suggestion is to go with blues being the safe color which may compliment anything in your store.

Color Ideas

Benjamin Moore

Spa Day CSP-635

Match of Waverly

Hopefully this should work out. Remember your lighting conditions in your store due to any incandescent or florescent needs to be factored in. Sample all color need to place emphasis.

Good luck!


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