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Bedroom paint color/sheen

After 11 yrs. we've decided to paint our huge bedroom! The only thing I have to go by are the new curtains, which are a chocolate brown. We also have an angled ceiling that was painted a different color from the walls in the model
home, which we really liked. I'm thinking a beige on the walls and flat part of the ceiling and a coordinating brown or darker beige for the angled parts of the ceiling. Any advice? Thank you!

Love the new curtains! With a large bedroom, tall ceiling, and so many windows, you could definitely choose a darker color for the ceiling without concern about making the room feel smaller. I love the idea of using a darker version of a soft beige wall color, or perhaps a chocolate brown, on the angled ceiling areas.

I'll suggest a few different types of beige wall colors for you to consider. If a color is part of a graduated paint strip (dark to light,) you can find a darker shade of the color to use on your ceiling, right on the strip. Some paint strips don't have graduated shades, like the Benjamin Moore Historical Collection. But, when ordering through MyPerfectColor, you can order the paint in varying shades by percentage (i.e. 25% darker.) This is chosen on the "select paint" page in the ordering process. You can also order a sample of paints you're considering, the same way. You'll definitely want to sample the colors before committing.

If you decide to choose an unrelated chocolate brown for the ceiling, you will better be able to choose that once you choose your wall color -- everything will fall into place once that is chosen.

Here are the beiges:

Benjamin Moore Muslin 1037

Benjamin Moore Tucson Winds 1024

Benjamin Moore Everlasting 1038

Benjamin Moore Monroe Bisque HC-26

Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan HC-81

This is not a beige, per se, but is a very popular warm gray that is worth a look, as it could look fantastic with the chocolate brown curtains:
Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter HC-172

Thank you for your question,

Thanks for helpful suggestions! I failed to mention that almost the entire 1st floor of my house is painted in beige. I know I said I wanted suggestions for beige, but in your opinion, would that just be too much if I also did the bedroom in beige? If I decide against the gray you suggested, what might you suggest as alternatives to gray or beige? I (obviously) prefer neutral colors, but I feel like I'm running out of those options. Thanks again for your help!

Hi, so happy to help!
In answer to your questions: if you do decide to use beige upstairs, it's not unusual at all to have one colo in several rooms -- this is a common choice, to unify a home.

If you'd like to try something new for the bedroom paint color, a gray/beige could be just different enough, and wonderful with the curtains. A muted pale blue, while not traditionally considered a neutral, could be pretty. If you would like to stay with a neutral, a good idea is to look at different types of beige. Like the gray/beiges you could also consider beiges with other undertones like yellow or green, then sample your favorites to get the perfect color for your room.

Here are some variations on beige to consider:

Benjamin Moore Garden Stone CSP-1000

Benjamin Moore Cappuccino Froth CSP-1055

Benjamin Moore Dusty Miller CSP-755

Benjamin Moore Pittsfield Buff HC-24

Benjamin Moore Philadelphia Cream HC-30

I hope these ideas are helpful. Please let me know if you would like suggestions in blue, as well.

Thank you,

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