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Cottage exterior

Hi! Renovating small home to cottage style, porches, shutters, etc.
I am not restricted to neighborhood colors as I live on 10 acres of land and neighbors are far away. Want white trim and like the Ben Moore harvest yellow. I know black for shutters and door is an easy choice but what fun colors could go on the exterior to make the cottage, well, "cottagey" and cute that will go with the harvest yellow. Thanks ever so much.


How far along are you in your renovation project? You can always upload a photograph. As with harvest yellow I have been unable to locate this color as a Benjamin Moore color. Can you check the paint brand, or double check the name? Since all yellows are different with undertones not knowing the exact color and exterior image; here are some estimations, ideas, or inspiration.

You can always paint the shutters white and experiment with door colors.

Below is a color scheme that could be used on your home if the yellow fits to this palette.

Created by Maria Anna K.


Hi Mary, I meant BM Harvest Gold or Glidden Jonquil Yellow. If using one of those as body color, would it be better to paint shutters white and use one of the beautiful violet blues you sent on the door as opposed to using the blue on the shutters also. Thanks for the info. Julie

Hi Julie,

White shutters will work well along with any blue. Glidden Yellow is the recommended color to compliment this scheme.

My favorite color is Pressed Violet, soft, bright, and quaint, highly recommended. Other colors to consider Spa Day, balanced and serene and Bellbottom Blues to create a sharp contrast with boldness. White for all trim and shutters use a bright white to balance out the color of your door.

Keep shutters white paint your door. Above is the link "cottage home," for the specified colors.

Any after pictures would be appreciated curious to see how everything worked out.

If you have need any more assistance don't hesitate to ask.


Hi Mary,
You gave examples of great violet blues, one of which was BM pressed violet. Neither of the Ben Moores in my area can make a sample-one is on the "old system" and one is the new Gen-x system but can't either. Would I be able to order this color from you all? It would be for the front door and/or shutters so a semi-gloss or something like.

Thanks, Julie

Hi Julie,

You can definitely order pressed violet from the My Perfect Color site. Below is the link for your color.

Benjamin Moore Color Stories Series (New Generation of Ben Moore Colors)

Please remember sample color first before commitment since lighting conditions vary outdoors.

I am happy that I was able to be of assistance for your color selections. Your home is going to look beautiful. Would love to see the before and after pictures of your cottage.


Hi Mary,

Have the sample of BM Pressed Violet but doesn't look great with Glidden Jonquil yellow. Undertones different and the Pressed Violet makes the yellow look green. Do you have any ideas for a yellow that would do well with the violet? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Julie

Hi Julie,

Color can be fickle at times. Pressed Violet is a beautiful color. Some ideas to consider in the yellows to compliment.

Benjamin Moore Colors

Lemon Souffle 331

Lemon Grass 339

Limon 334

Pineapple Grove 333

Please sample all color due to lighting conditions.

Happy to of assistance.


HI Julie,

I meant to say, happy to be of assistance. Please excuse my typo.


Hi Mary,

I promise! One last question. Have to order the paint by Tuesday. Have decided on BM Hawthorne Yellow HC-4. I just need a suggestion for the white trim, one that won't turn this bright yellow muddy.

Thanks for all your assistance!


Hi Julie,

Thank you for asking, no problem I am happy to assist you in any way I can. The ones selected are warm undertones to compliment the yellow. There is a pure white selected, a bright white with no undertones.

Color Ideas to Consider:

Sherwin Williams

Westhighland White 7566

White Flour 7102

Benjamin Moore

Brilliant White Super bright depending on desired contrast, pure white.

Cloud White 967

Please note all whites have undertones it is best sample first before commitment due to out door lighting conditions. On monitors undertones are enhanced as compared to a paint swatch, more than likely tones will not be as noticeable once painted.

Hopefully this will work out. Good luck on your new home.


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