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Do these colours go together?

Will Colourbond Pale Eucalypt (roof), Solver Seagull (walls), Solver Dundee (fascia), Dulux Blue Gum (trim), Solver Frisky (front brick fence))and Solver Seal Grey (perimeter garden fencing), all look ok together? I'd also like opinions on whether Solver Seagull and Solver Frisky will be too cool neutral for someone who usually prefers a warm neutral? I previously had Dulux Sarah's Place on the walls and Dulux Stone White on the front brick ffence) - both warm creams. I want to get away from the yellow of the creams now. I'm trying real hard to find the right shades to make the Pale Eucalypt roof work with something other than cream or tan. All help/feedback appreciated.


Thank you for your questions. I'm afraid I don't have access to all of the colors you've listed. From the Solver paint colors that I can see from your list, they do seem to be harmonious. By sampling the colors together, you can get a better idea of how they'll look together on your home.

Solver Seagull and Frisky are both cool colors. If you'd like to try warmer colors in similar tones, the most obvious choice would be yellow/cream or tan, like Solver's Lazy Days and Flax (they're not available to link from this site.) You could try a darker brown, or perhaps a gray with brown undertones if you'd like to try a warmer color. Here are a few paint colors that might lead you to the right color:

Match of Solver 0724 Canegrass

Match of Solver 1385 Cobblestone

I hope this is helpful,

Hi Diana,
Thanks so much for your response. Nice colours,but I'm actually trying to move away from anything that throws yellow towards the greys, but the 'warmer' greys. That's why I chose Solver Seagull. It doesn't have the distinct blue undertone in shadow of most greys.
I experimented and took Solver Seagull to 300% and am planning to use it instead of Frisky for the front brick fence. Frisky turned out to have too definite a green tone to it for my liking in this instance.
Pity you don't have access to all the colours.
Thanks again.

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