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Authentic Color - Benjamin Moore colors can only be made in Benjamin Moore paint.

MyPerfectColor makes all colors using authentic Benjamin Moore paint.

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white trim versus color trim

my husband using white trim will last longer because it won't get as hot as colored paint. I WOULD LIKE A colored paint trim


Color has many light reflectance values LRV (1 to 100) one being dark and 100 being the brightest. For trim a reflectance value of 70% and above is recommended within many ranges any color can be used. On average white has a value of 85% to 90%. Colors with a value below 50% absorb more heat which may cause less durability for trim.

Depending on your color palette use creamy tinted neutrals, or colors above the 70% LRV. Creamy tinted neutrals is highly recommended which can compliment most color palettes. Example: Benjamin Moore San Diego Cream

Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams offer light reflectance values (LRV) information behind their fan decks beside color names.

If you prefer another paint brand other than Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams you can always convert colors to another brand. BM and SW give the tools for LRV this is why I work with these brands.

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Benjamin Moore San Diego Cream Link 85.1 LRV

Use neutrals above 70% LRV

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On-screen colors are digital representations and will vary from actual paint colors.