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Kitchen Paint Color

I am remodeling a kitchen in the house I grew up in since 1970. Formica cabinets from '70 being replaced with new cherry wood. Wall between kitchen/diningroom was removed to install island/seating area. Linoleum floor replaced with new Pergo (moneta mahogany). New stainless steel appliances. I need paint color advice for new kitchen. I originally thought of a peach color, but unsure about it (seems like peach is either too pink or too orange). I like neutral colors such as beige, but dont want to overdo beige in the whole house- want to save that for other rooms. I like sherwood green or something close to that for adjoining dining/livingroom. I was thinking of 'Cafe Latte' by Glidden for the kitchen. Its a tan/beige color, thiough to me it looks more like a taupe gray. Would 'cafe latte' be a good choice and blend in well with my cherry cabs and red-brown granite and mahogany pergo floors?


You've done a wonderful job on the remodel! Beautiful. I think you were wise to reconsider a peach in the kitchen. Based on the other surfaces in your kitchen, the room could easily become too orange. If you're considering Benjamin Moore Sherwood Green for the adjacent room, I would suggest either a neutral beige, a gray-green, or a warm neutral beige-yellow, for the kitchen (that would really highlight the gorgeous surfaces you've chosen in there.

Here are additional green paint colors to consider for adjacent rooms:
Benjamin Moore Georgian Green HC-115

Benjamin Moore Kennebunkport Green HC-123

Here are some ideas for you to consider and sample in the kitchen:

Benjamin Moore Face Powder CSP-1085

Benjamin Moore Stone Hearth 984

Match of Valspar Sage Morsel

Benjamin Moore Inner Balance 1522

Match of Glidden Haystack GLY21

You'll want to sample any color you're considering, as the light in every room can be different. Please let reply if you have follow up questions, or would like more suggestions.

Thank you for your question,

Thanks for the reply, Diana. As you can probably see, its not the biggest-size kitchen. All the houses on my block (built in 1928) are attached to each other (about 18" wide), so the only light that comes in is via the window of the kitchen door located on the right side of the pics. I bought an inexpensive ceiling mounted light fixture recently at Lowe's, the fixture looks nice, but I'm unsure about the CFL bulbs- they save energy, but the light doesnt seem to extend down far enough to make a nice refelctive glow on the lower part of the cabinets. Maybe I should consider track lighting?, or perhaps I can install a light/ ceiling fan in the adjoining diningroom and point those lights towrad the kitchen.

I think the actual kitchen looks nicer in-person than how it appears from the digital camera pics I took. My friend, who is doing the work, is really trying to make it a nice kitchen for a real $ budget price that I can afford. I had thought at the first that light color cabinets would be best, but my friend said a darker color would give the kitchen a more "high-end" look, so I picked the cherry from what was available in my $ budget- the cabinets have a variation in the grain between dark and light which I think makes it more interesting visually. I probably would have preferred a solid black granite countertop, but the red-brown with balck specs is still ok, its growing on me- it looks better when light shines on it to give a reflectiev glow, I think..

As for the paint choices, I wasnt sure how soon you could reply... I actually bought the "cafe latte' GL16 that I saw in a Glidden brochure, but I got the B-Moore equivalent of that color in eggshell today. It looks like the cafe latte appears similar to some of the choices you mentioned, so hopefully I made a good choice? Again- it seems to look more like light-taupe gray, rather than beige. It looks nice (and neutral), I was just concerned that any kinf of gray, even if light, might exude a more gloomy feel to a room (like a gray wetaher day) vs a peach color that may be more brighter and "cheerful". Or, naybe I can paint the area around the refrigerator a peach, and the rest the cafe latte?

I like all the green color choices. Another option might be to paint the kitchen a lighter green like "Rejuvenate" - I think thats a Behr color, and the adjoing diningroom a darker green.. ? Thanks for your advice! :) Fred

Hi Fred,
Sounds like you have a good handle on the situation. You might considering looking into a different type of CFL bulbs. This is a great resource for your lighting options when using CFLs: You may want to experiment with the bulbs before deciding on the color, if the CFLs you have aren't working for the room.

The idea of choosing a peach color as an accent would work with the Cafe Latte. I would probably choose the wall where the sink is, for the accent wall, as it's a nice clean space to work with. An accent wall in in green could work, as well, and then a darker version of that green in the dining room. Greens can be tricky because many have a gray undertone, which can actually soak up more light than a warm gray. Whatever color(s) you choose, you could incorporate the paint colors together in a backsplash, or accessories.

But I would start with the lighting first, because that will affect the colors you choose.

Hope that helps! Please let me know if you'd like to explore peach or green paint colors. You'll want to sample the colors in your kitchen lighting, to get the perfect color.


Hi Diana, I recall reading somewhere online that greens can be tricky with cherry wood cabinets- they may tend to exagerate the redness.. I like the green colors you suggested for the adjoining diningroom which all seem to be close to 'sherwood' green. These greens appear to be popular with most people,which is good, but if everyone chooses them, then my own house wont be very unique looking. Ditto beige, but I think I would rather forsake some uniqueness for the safety (less risk)

oops.. looks like my message was truncated.. I was writing I would forsake some uniqueness for the safe pick of neutrals which pretty much work with anything.. I though of Gold, but my contractor vetoed it- didnt think it blended with cherry wood, not sure about that.. gold seems similar to beige/tan. But Ive read unanimous great reviews on Cafe Latte, so I think it should look good. I'm just curious to see if it looks more like beige, or taupe grat after its applied, and with the current lighting I have. The light fixture is ok, but maybe track lighting is better- so that the light can point more downward to have the lower part of the cabinets near the floor be illuminated for a nice glow

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