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Color Combo

I am looking for a color that goes with Benjamin Moore Shadow Gray. A greenish gray maybe? I also have Benjamin Moore Goldfinch as the main color throughout our home.

Benjamin Moore™ 2125-40 Shadow Gray Benjamin Moore™ 2125-40 Shadow Gray

Thanks for your question. Benjamin Moore Shadow Gray has blue undertone, so a greenish gray may be tough to work with. With the warm Benjamin Moore Goldfinch, and the blue/gray color of Shadow Gray, i would suggest trying a warm neutral gray, or a lighter blue/gray. I would be happy to suggest colors that you might consider sampling in your home, to get just the perfect combination.

Benjamin Moore Bennington Gray HC-82

Benjamin Moore Pale Smoke 1584

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter HC-172

Benjamin Moore Wickam Gray

Hoping this will put you on the right track to finding the perfect color. Every computer monitor is slightly different, and doesn't always reflect the true undertone of a color, especially neutrals. That is where sampling the colors will really help if you're working with an existing color.

Please feel free to reply, if you'd like more suggestions, or a specific color you're considering.


Thank you! All the colors you suggested are great! Is there a reddish color you would recommend with the colors you suggested along with the Benjamin Moore Goldfinch and the Benjamin Moore Shadow Gray? Or would a reddish color clash? I was thinking of a reddish wall color for the dining room.

I currently have the goldfinch in the foyer and I'm planning on having it in the family room as well. I am thinking it will flow nicely. However, the family room is right next to the kitchen. Think of it as a large room with a half wall and kitchen counter on top that separates the kitchen and family room. Would you suggest having one of the colors you suggested in the kitchen right next to the goldfinch in the family room? The kitchen walls are very difficult for me because I have black granite countertops, dark cherry kitchen cabinets and cherry wood floors.

There is a morning room off the kitchen and I'm thinking whatever wall color goes in the kitchen will go in the morning room as well. Just so I don't end up with a choppy look..

Thank you!

Thank you so much for the photos! It really helps me to visualize the space. Also grateful for the good description of how you will be using the color.

Here are my thoughts. Looking at the photos, it looks as though the Benjamin Moore Shadow Gray is only upstairs? If you'd like to have a unified color scheme on the main floor, it would be possible to disregard the gray as a consideration for matching the other colors, but instead add the color as an accent around the other rooms (in furnishings or decor.) You could easily add a piece of artwork to the foyer which includes the gray color, to distribute it around and tie it in. This would allow you to work with the Benjamin Moore Goldfinch as the basis for coordinating the other rooms.

With the color scheme ideas you've outlined for the main floor, the grays and gray blues would not be as effective as warmer colors, especially with the rich colors in your kitchen.

For a unified look, have you considered for the kitchen and morning room, the next lighter color from Goldfinch? This would be Benjamin Moore Harvest Time 186 A light, but warm color, would work well with your kitchen counters and cabinets, and would actually be a bit lighter in the morning room, because of the extra light. A similar light and warm color would flow nicely from the other rooms if Harvest Time is not perfect in there.

For the dining room, (if you've considered keeping the gray as just a small accent around the home,) a red color would work well with the warm colors we're discussing. I would consider Benjamin Moore Georgian Brick HC-50; Benjamin Moore Warmed Cognac AF-235; or perhaps Benjamin Moore Deep Poinsettia None are too red to work with the other colors in your home. If you chose a deep reddish color for the dining room, you could use that color as an accent wall in your family room, with the remaining walls painted in the same color as the kitchen. The idea being that you're choosing only a handful of colors. Some colors will be al lighter version of another, and some used as accents around your home. This will keep everything cohesive, and avoid that choppy look you mentioned.

Hope that these details are helpful. Of course, you'll want to sample any colors you're considering, as the lighting in each home and room is different. More than anything, the color scheme ideas I've laid out, are a concept of how you can put together colors for a color scheme, to create a seamless look. If you choose to go with the any of the colors I suggested earlier, in the blue/grays, then the same concept would apply, but you would want to look for a rich color for the dining room and accent wall, that would work with the kitchen/morning room color you've chosen.

Let me know if you'd like clarification or have more questions... I'm happy to help.


I appreciate all the information you've provided! It is very helpful. Especially with me having such a hard time with the colors :(

I am repainting the entire main floor. The upstairs and basement have never been painted, except for the Shadow Gray you saw in the hallway upstairs. Our house was built three years ago so none of the rooms upstairs, bathroom, basement and basement bathroom have never been painted, except currently in the process of painting the hallway. The laundry room on the main level has never been painted either.

When entering the front door, the foyer, hallway upstairs, living room and dining room are the main areas seen. A tiny bit of the kitchen and morning room are seen as well. Take a few steps and you see about 8 or 9 areas of the house...foyer, living room, dining room, hallway to laundry room (powder room down this hallway), kitchen, morning room and the family room. I would have to say this is the biggest problem for me and I've been trying to figure it all out for months!

Overall, I have selected 5 colors I love the best. All Benjamin Moore colors.
1. Goldfinch along with Harvest Time
2. Shadow Gray
3. Coventry Gray along with Stonington Gray
4. Revere Pewter
5. Bennington Gray

I would love to have all these colors somehow fitted together nicely throughout the entire house. I would also love to have a room with gray walls. I saw a picture of a dining room with gray walls and loved it! For the four bedrooms upstairs, I was thinking of tying the Shadow Gray in the hallway throughout the four bedrooms somehow, but then again, that might not work. I really am not good at this stuff at all and I just want to keep our home from looking like a circus :)

Please excuse the mess in our home. As you can see, I've got paint samples up on different walls and paint everywhere. In one of the pictures, there is a lot of paint I feel I have wasted so much money on :(

Thank you!

Shared photos

The only areas of the house that have been painted so far with the Goldfinch and Shadow Gray so far is the foyer, family room has been started but not finished and the Shadow Gray in the upstairs hallway.


After reading more through your posts, I think I have finally gotten all the color ideas together. I have decided to use the goldfinch in the foyer, kitchen and family room. An accent wall with revere pewter will be in the family room. I am going to use the revere pewter in the living room and morning room. That way the revere peeter carries throughout. I think this might work nicely with the main entrance showing the living room and a little bit of the morning room.

The two colors I have narrowed it down to for the dining room is Morracan Spice or Cape Blue for the dining room. Whichever color goes best, I will use as accents around the dining room.

Are you able to give me your opinion on which color would work better? I'm leaning towards the Cape Blue mainly because the upstairs hallway is visible at the main entrance and the dining room is visible as well.

Thank you so much for everything,

I'm so happy to hear that you've created a great plan for the colors! After reading your plan, I would suggest the Benjamin Moore Cape Blue for the dining room. It feels like the most harmonious choice. I know that you do sample paint in your home, so you will definitely be able to get a feeling for how that works with the other colors.

Please let me know if you have more questions, especially after sampling the new colors. Oh, and do share 'after" photos with us.

Thank you,

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