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Need Paint Color Help

We are redoing a less than 900 square foot home built in 1930. The home has nice 6" baseboards and originally I planned on painting the walls and trim different colors. However, now that the kitchen and living room have been combined, I am not sure if that is the way to go. What do you think about white dove everywhere? The kitchen will have bboard installed and we will replace the cabinet hinges/hardware and sink, but I actually like the yellow vintage formica (If you think I am foolish to save that, please say) on the countertop. I have included a photo of the bathroom where we put in bboard. I was thinking a nice light spa type blue on top with white dove or other color below. Flooring will med a medium brown wood. Please help me figure out paint colors. I need suggestions.

One more thought. I am not afraid of color meaning everything does not have to be neutral. The home will be lived in by a relative for a few months, then be a rental. So, whatever colors are chosen, they need to be something people can live and work with easily. Many thanks for help.

Hi Cassie,

There is one thought I want to share since you are planning on renting out your property sometime in the future, I recommend you keep to safe neutrals and perhaps yellows to give your place a cozy feel. To make it appealing to potential renters change out the yellow formica top. Over the years this will become dated. Change out the counter top to a basic, classic and not expensive just in case it becomes damaged by a tenant. Use fixtures that are not high gloss metals, since it will scream low budget. Little details added to the space with fixtures and the use of color will attract more future tenants.

Since kitchen and living areas are combined to add some charm yellows can be used with varied shades to create a contrast and at the same time unify the space. Warm colors are recommended below are some yellow/orange/beige.

Benjamin Moore


Interchange in rooms, #1

Melted Butter

Ray of Light

Interchange in rooms, #2

Sweet Cream


Interchange in either room, #3

Knitted Cape

Short Bread

As for the bathroom here are some recommendations;

Spa Day

Cable Knit Sweater

Baltic Sea

Please note this is not a live consultation; therefore, consider your lighting conditions and sample all color prior to selection.

I hope this guides you into the right direction. Would love to see the finished results!


Mary, thank you. Let me see if I understand. Let's say the kitchen. The cabinets would be one color and the walls another and the trim yet another? Room 2....the living room, two new colors or perhaps the walls an interchange color and the trim the same? Thank you for your time and I will be happy to share a photo when done.

Hi Cassie,

Below is the clarification and options to work with.

For Option #1

1. [Melted Butter] for your kitchen
2. [Ray of Light] for living area

Option #2

1. [Sweet Cream] for kitchen
2. [Sundress] for living area

Option #3

1. [Knitted Cape] for kitchen
2. [Short Bread] for living area

Option #4

Use lighter creamy colors through out space.

1. [Melted Butter] kitchen
2. [Knitted Cape] for living area or you can exchange for either room

As for the cabinets look at the subtle grains of wood pull out a light color from cabinet and paint that color. If you really prefer the suggested colors then use these colors as guidelines. Do not attempt to match color, just find a piece that is similar in color pull out the subtle nuanced color, not matching walls for creating some contrast.

For your trim and base boards use Paper Mache white to tie in all of your rooms. This white coordinates with all of color suggestions.

Benjamin Moore

Paper Mache AF-25

Also remember the sq ft ratio versus a small swatch when applying color, on a wall color will appear brighter something to note with light creamy color.

One last bit of advice, use and sample color on poster board and label each board the color and move around in different positions through out your living and kitchen area then decide where you want to go from there.

Hopefully this will work out.

Good luck!


Color Tools

Hi Cassie,

If you prefer to get new cabinets in the future the previous comment applies to color coordinating.


Many thanks. I appreciate it.

I will send photos.

Hi Cassie,

You are welcomed. Looking forward to the after pictures.


I received color samples today and would like to post another question. Your enter in through the front door and arrive in the living room with the kitchen in front of you. To the left through the door way is the bedroom with the ship type lapboard. If you turned right from the living room, you would arrive in the master bedroom. Assuming I paint the kitchen shortbread and the living room knitted cape, what color would you repeat from the extra bedroom/office? Would you paint the same as the kitchen? What would you paint the master bedroom? The same as the living room or would it be best if all rooms besides the living room be the same.

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If they are not submitting, is there an email address I could send them to. I really would appreciate the help.

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