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Need a darker coordinating color to match ICI Manila tan 151

I have a room painted in ICI Manila Tan. I need the adjoining bathroom in a coordinating but darker color. What are some of the options that would come after 551- maybe color names from the next two colors on the chart?

Match of ICI™ 551 Manilla Tan * Match of ICI™ 551 Manilla Tan *

I'm afraid that I don't have an ICI chart available. With neutrals, often paint companies don't have sequentially darker colors on a chart. Looking online, the next color in numerical sequence to Manilla Tan, 550 appears gray and 553 has a yellow undertone, not necessarily lighter or darker but with different undertones.

A great feature of the site, is that you can order a darker or lighter match of the color. By visiting the Select Paint page linked here, you could order a Match of ICI Manilla Tan, 25% to 75% darker. Ordering a sample is quite easy, and a great way to test out the darker version.

Because neutrals have undertones that can be tricky, choosing a darker version of the exact color is often a good strategy to ensure that they'll work together.

Thank you for your question,

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