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Basement with Red Brick Wall

What are the best colors to paint walls in the basement which are next to a large red brick wall that was built in the 70's without painting the brick.

Thanks for your question. In a basement with a red brick wall, I would suggest a neutral color for the remaining walls. Without knowing the other colors in the basement, like flooring and furnishings, I can suggest neutrals that could work for you. You'll want to test the colors on the wall, to be sure you have the perfect color. Red brick can take on a variety of undertones, depending on the lighting, so sampling paint is crucial.

Choosing a color to work with a brick wall gives you two options. If you'd like the wall to be a focal point, then you can choose colors that make the red pop (like green.) If you'd like it to work in harmony, then choose a warm color if the brick is a warm red, something with a pink undertone (like mauve or pink/gray) if the brick is cooler. Or you could choose something completely neutral. With so many variables, the most important thing is to decide what look you'd like. Then, sample the paint near the brick.

Here are some paint colors to sample:

Benjamin Moore Stingray 1529

Benjamin Moore Chestertown Buff HC-9

Benjamin Moore Par Four 470

Benjamin Moore French Macaroon CSP-335

Benjamin Moore Consantino Chardonnay 247

I hope this is helpful!


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