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Hello. Does your website provide me with the ability to say I want another color to coordinate with a color choice. Say I have Powell Bluff chosen and want a color to go with it as trim. Can I do that?


My Perfect Color community is the place to come for any assistance with deciding on color choices, selections, coordination and other color questions as well from paint and more items. There are two interior designers who provide color/design consults. I am one of the interior designers in the community . One of the great aspects of My Perfect Color community is an exchange of ideas between users and designers. Also, users mingle as well.

My Perfect Color provides services that converts color from brand to brand of paint. Along with color matching services. Another cool thing that can be done is to create your own color schemes and matches. There is so much more My Perfect Color provides in services. So far these are the basics. Look above at the Tools and Resources, and Ask and Share to dabble in color.

As for your Powell Bluff question, I believe this not spelled correctly of a Benjamin Moore Powell Buff HC-35.

If the color is the Powell Buff HC-35 the recommended white would be to go with warm undertones, since this color is a warm beige for your trim.

Here are the three whites to choose from;

Classic Light Buff


Westhighland White

Please note lighting conditions. I always place this emphasis because with color being multidimensional with different light reflectance values from my living room to your living room and especially from a monitor I can only give ideas and from there use the suggestions as a guide that being a white with warm undertones. Also note to get the most accurate rendering of two coordinating colors is to go out doors in mid day lighting. Natural sunlight is the best light to get the results.

Start out with these ideas for now, color needs to be adjusted from time to time since it is so fickle. Trial and error to get the right color.

Good luck!


Don't forget to sample all color paint on poster boards and position in different lighting.

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