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Help! lol

Hi, I have a garden style condo. We painted throughout the livingroom & hallway Reed msl201 and accent walls Brown Alpaca msl 204. Its much more brown then I would prefer, but we need to get in the place. can always change later. My problem is the kitchen. cant find a color! Its a small kitchen with a little opening to the hallway. I have golden oak cabinets. I'll try to attach a few pics. please ignore the mess. I would like to incorporate this rug if possible. Thanks!

Thanks for your question. I can suggest paint colors for your kitchen, that should work well with the other colors you've used so far, and the rug. Each color behaves differently due to lighting and location, so be sure to test any color you're considering. It looks as though there is little natural light in your kitchen area, so I'll keep the color choices on the light side.

Here are paint colors to consider. I'm not sure if you're open to any type of color, but I'll include a diverse selection for you.

Match of Martha Stewart Phlox

Match of Martha Stewart Celadon

Match of Martha Stewart Cake Batter

Match of Martha Stewart Raw Silk

Match of Martha Stewart Meringue

Hope this is helpful! You do have a few different directions you could go with the color, as the rest of the condo is neutral. You could pull a green, lavender, warm gold neutral, from the rug. While you could also match the darkest color in the rug, you might find it too dark for the room. Please let me know if you'd like more suggestions, or a suggestion for a dark color.


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