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paint color combos

We are going to buy glidden paint. Doing our foyer, going up the stairs, and upstairs. We love the combo of the darker earth tones in Orange, green, tan and a brown (with a purple undertone). Anyoen done this or know what compliments each other??


I'd be happy to assist you with your color question. Could you tell me a bit more about your question? Are you looking for a paint that would go well with those colors in your home? With just a bit more detail, I can suggest paint colors that might work for your project.


We are wanting to use those shades but I'm just not confident in picking colors that will look right with each other. We like gladden cinnamon stick as one color. We've also looked at fresh guacamole, hazy sage and frosted pine. There was a brown with purple hues called aged teak sling with quite a few others. We're going to use a base of something lighter, neutral. The green will be upstairs away from the other colors but you will see it in the foyer. We'd like to do one "orange" wall, 2 brown and maybe 2 tan? Hope this helps. Basically I want to make sure we pick colors that won't clash. There is sooo many to choose from. Thank you!


I got TONS of samples. These ones I'm kind of contemplating but have no idea if they will clash, compliment or go with each other. The green is fresh guacamole (not sure if its too bright or too yellow). Brown/purple ish is aged teak, light tan is whispering wheat and orange is cinnamon stick. I love neutral colors...tabs, browns, grays. My hubby loved bright bold colors so were trying to compromise haha! Thank you!


Thanks so much for the detail and the photos -- that really helps! I can totally understand the compromise between neutrals and the bright colors. I think that you picked a wonderful palette! Let me see if I can help you decide what goes where. Once that's established, you can sample colors to get just the right look. Because lighting and other surfaces vary in homes, you may need to adjust a color slightly, to get it right. But starting with a plan for each wall is the way to start.

The Match of Glidden Fresh Guacamole is great, and would look fine peeking out into the foyer with the other colors you've chosen. Again, if you sample it and it's not quite right, look for similar colors with different undertones.

Now, with the remaining three colors you've mentioned, here are a few thoughts. I would choose either the Match of Glidden Aged Teak or the Match of Glidden Cinnamon Stick for one wall only, or three walls. Then choose a neutral like Match of Whispering Wheat for the remaining wall or walls. Then, whatever color you did not use, use that as an accent color i accessories, or perhaps the back of a shelf in the room. This is instead of doing two walls of each, create an accent wall with one color, based on the architecture, or even consider bringing the green down from upstairs into the foyer. For the foyer it'self, I would limit it to two main colors, with accents. Once you sample the colors in your space, you'll be able to decide which looks best where.

Hope this moves along the decision process for you. Please feel free to ask follow up questions, or upload a photo of the space you'll be painting, for more suggestions.

Thanks for your questions,


I have Ace High Prairie C26-6 in my living room. I have a wrap around mantel from living room to dining room/computer room. What color combos would look good and how do I see them next to each other on the screen

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