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Need help with paint colors for open concept apartment!

We need some color in our new apartment desperately! As you can see in attached photos, our apartment is very open- the living room connects to our dining area as well as our kitchen. However, we are concerned about overwhelming the space by doing too much. What would YOU do? Would you choose 3 separate colors for each room? Two colors? Only one color for entire area?

Any input would be MUCH appreciated! Thank you!


That's a great question. Looking at the photos, I would go with no more than 2 colors. Preferably, I would choose two shades of the same color, using one in the kitchen, dining area, and the other on the other walls and in the living room. This will keep everything cohesive, but also give some separation of space. You could also consider using the LR color inside the kitchen area, around the cabinets. When you look at your walls, you will be able to see natural break spots to stop and start the colors. From the photo on the left, I would guess that one color should start on the wall by the lamp/sofa, then continue around the Living Room, around the corner past the chair in the photo and either stop at that corner, or continue around the corner so that one wall in the dining area is the same as the LR. Hope that makes sense.

Once you choose a color you like, using a lighter shade of the color will give your apartment a custom look, without looking dated or overwhelming.

Please let me know if you would like color suggestions, and what types of color you're considering.


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