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Kitchen/Dining Area Paint Color

Struggling to make right choice... off-white cabinets and ceramic tile floor with dark taupe grout; counters are taupe/gray/brown mixture. Dining area walls are 1/2 wainscot so could go two tone or would use same color on top/bottom. thinking green or blue tone? Is blue ok for kitchen - green flows better from adjacent rooms - which is best option? Thanks..

should add, dining area has cherry laminate flooring and adjacent rooms: 1 is benjamin moore bone, the other benjamin moore adams gold. two east windows (kitchen/dining) and one South so decent amount of light. So far drawn to SW Svelte Sage and BM Tranqulity... but not sure I'm headed right direction - never had trouble picking color until now. Tx.

Thank you for the great detail with your question. I'm looking at the colors you've mentioned, right now. The right blue is great for a kitchen, and very popular right now. The Benjamin Moore Adams Gold does have a green undertone, so that is probably why a green seems to flow better to the adjacent rooms. The SW Svelte Sage may be a bit too dark for the kitchen, but I can see why you like it.

Here are some ideas for you. In regard to the wainscoting, I would consider using the Benjamin Moore Bone, then add color above; That is a classic look, especially with the cherry laminate. Here are paint color suggestions to sample for your kitchen/dining room:

Match of Sherwin Williams Wild Sage SW2227

Benjamin Moore Cool Breeze CSP-665

Benjamin Moore Tranquility AF-490 (because you were originally drawn to it.)

Match of Sherwin Williams Sassy Blue

Benjamin Moore Garden Stone CSP-1000

Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage HC-114

I hope these colors are helpful for you, all computer monitors show colors a little differently, so sampling is the best way to choose. Once you can sample blues and greens in your kitchen/dining area, I think it will become clearer which direction you want to go, and what looks best with the adjacent rooms. It sounds like you're on the right track.

Please feel free to respond if you have more questions, and do upload a photo if you'd like.


I have to wonder if I'm on the wrong track... will try to upload photo, but wondering if I need to expand options and go more neutral? Possibly Ancient Marble, or BM Camouflage... I appreciate the help and suggestions...

Hi Stacey,

If you can upload a photo, that would help. I agree that expanding your search to a neutral, could be a good plan. I know it's hard not to get overwhelmed with so many options out there. Hopefully you can choose 3 or 4 colors that feel right, and test them out. I find that actually sampling a color on the wall can lead to the right color more quickly.

Match of Sherwin Williams Ancient Marble would be a great place to start with considering a few neutrals.

Let me know if you need more suggestions, or can upload a photo.


Believe me overwhelmed... I have 10 quarts/trial sizes of various paint along with blocks all over walls and white cardstock and just more confused! latest I'm looking into are the grassland (right between the svelte sage and ancient marble), or oddly enough one called misted green by bm, but not finding many images of that so will try that on teh wall too. (keep trying to upload but having trouble...)

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counter-flooring-cabinet(currently white to be more of an off white)

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