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color palette for craftsman style home

I need to provide the contractor 3 paint colors for the main floor of the house. Kitchen, Great Room , Hallway, Master bedroom, Guest room and their baths. Would these work and which color for each room?

Designer's Color Combinations - March 2008 #7 Designer's Color Combinations - March 2008 #7

Thank you for sharing photos of your gorgeous home. The color combination you chose, could work well in there (but you'll want to sample the colors first, of course.)

For the Great Room, you could use one of the darker colors as an accent wall where the fireplace is located, then Benjamin Moore Standish White for the other walls in the room.

In the kitchen, a color similar to Benjamin Moore Lewiville Green would offset the warm cabinetry:

I would use the lightest of the colors for the halls. For the guest room/bath and master bedroom/bath, depending upon the light in there, could use Chestertown Buff with the Standish white for the bath, or vice versa depending upon the other surface colors in the bath.

You could choose another four-color palette, and use the same formula, based on your preferences and the other surfaces in your home. Use the darkest or second darkest color for the accent wall, a lighter color for the walls around it in the great room. For the kitchen, you'll want to choose a color that provides some contrast to the warm cabinet and wood floors in there.

For both bedrooms and baths, take the two lighter colors, and mix and match, according to your tastes.

Here are a few more color combinations that could work in your home. It's important to test the colors in your home, before committing to having the contractor use those colors, due to variations in light from outside, and reflections from floor and ceiling.

I hope this is helpful. Once you have a scheme in mind, it will be easier to envision which color might go where, but for a project on such a large scale, there is no way to definitively tell you which colors would work where, but instead give you guidelines and ideas.


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