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Need help finding colour scheme

Would appreciate any help finding paint colours to match attached photos. I understand its very difficult to match from pictures but any help would be much appreciated. Regards - Brock

Hi Brock,

You are right about the difficulty in trying to match a color from a photograph. Considering the lighting and the time of day, color changes throughout in a room and from a photograph a color rendering can not be accurate. My Perfect Color offers a color matching service. By any chance if you have a color swatch or replica in physical form you can have it sent to the color lab.

I can also attach a swatch that can be close in resemblance, but please note it will not be the exact match considering all of the factors. It is highly recommended to use My Perfect Color services for the desired match. Sample color first before any commitment.

Gray Teal

If you have a particular brand of paint you would like to use, My Perfect Color converts a paint brand to your preferred paint brand.

I hope the advice given helps.

Good luck with that color.


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