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Help coordinating color

I have cedar grove dunn Edwards in my open dining area that goes up the stairs. I have an open floor plan. The dining area is between the front room and back living area. So the whole downstairs is visible straight through from both ends. I need a complimentary color to pull the rooms together but I don't want the whole house pink, peachy. I have dark wood floors a warm dark walnut. Please help!


I found some colors for you to work with. Mostly in the yellow/greens. You are right about not liking the pink/peachy look in your house. Your home may become too muted with the peachy/pinks, so those colors are scrapped. The suggestions below are colors that will give your home a punch of contrast with your brown wall color. This contrast will liven up your home with your dark walls and floors. Below are a few suggestions.


Benjamin Moore Spring Meadow Green

Ameritone Devoe Yellow Sage

Benjamin Moore Pale Avocado

Benjamin Moore Green Thumb

Selecting color is a matter of elimination. Sample all colors first before any commitment, since from a monitor to your home's lighting conditions color may vary or may not work out..

I hope this was helpful.

Good luck.


Thanks for your help. I'm sorry I what I meant to say was I need a color that I can use in the other rooms that will go with clay/pinkish color but a neutral color to calm down all the warmness I have going on.

Sorry about the mess...3 boys and guests just left for the holidays

I'm trying to avoid the choppy effect and pull it together.

I'm trying to avoid the choppy effect and pull it together.


Sorry about the confusion. However, I have pulled other color swatches that can work. More of the warm toned grays. Using a cool toned gray with your warm existing color will create tension and not have an even flow. Recommended to use the warms with warm neutral and the cools with the cool neutrals. Here are some of your warm neutral grays sample.

Benjamin Moore Colors






Thank you for your patience.

I hope this works out.



Here are a few more options to consider.

The other grays given have green undertones. These extra options allow more flexibility.

Hopefully this guides you in the right direction.


Thanks! You made my life a thousand times easier!

I picked up some samples of ashley gray and revere pewter. I'm really loving the ashley gray for the yellow room, this room gets a ton of light. I was thinking of revere pewter for the green room, much darker in that room. Would those colors work together? and now I'm considering painting the dining area teal/green/blue.....oh boy ;/ so my questions are
1. Revere pewter and ashley gray would those work in an open plan?
2. Is there a teal color that would work between those two colors??


As for question #1 Ashley Gray and Revere Pewter will work well in an open plan because they are neutrals. I pulled out four colors in the green/ blue/teal family for your dining area.

Here are the selections:

Benjamin Moore Silken Blue

Dunn Edwards DE 423 M2 Teal

Match of Pittsburgh 155-7 Tapestry Teal

Benjamin Moore Teal Blast

Benjamin Moore Teal Ocean

Getting it right takes trial and error. Hopefully these colors will work out.



Don't forget to post any after pictures. It would be great to see how the selections worked.


Hi it's me again :) well....,I tried a few and they are just too dark. The yellow room gets the most natural light the front room doesn't get much. I'd like to open up, freshen, lighten up the rooms. I've decided to keep cedar grove in the dining area but I need a neutral that will balance and pull everything together but not make me feel like I'm in a cave. I've tried revere pewter (not bad) ashley gray (like but may be too dark), northern cliffs bm (liked with natural light but then got very gray in the evening) can you recommend maybe a neutral beige with gray undertones??? I believe the cedar grove has gray undertones ( I'm still learning ) I do appreciate all your help.

I was experimenting here with mantle so try and ignore that. The color on the wall was northern cliffs bm I really liked it until the sun went down the lighting inside makes it look gray.

Now that I look at that pic. I think what makes it look more gray is looking at it from the opposite direction of this pic. I think looking at it with the rust/red behind the northern cliffs, the red warms it.

In this pic I really like it but I even like the blue with it and with my rug. I'm so confused!!! Rust or not rust, gray, greige, teal, blue....., neutral, beige. I like warmness but I also like the crisp clean soothing look as depicted in the pic


By looking at your carpet you can do a whole house palette pulling the various shades of color. The blue looks great. Since you pulled a blue you like from your carpet selecting a color from the carpet palette should work. The color I recommend is a soft yellow, to brighten up your room considering the warm and dark floors.

There are several options you can go with.

1. Paint your fireplace blue about three to four shades or maybe five lighter by using the picked color from your swatch, lighter than the mantel, placing emphasis on the mantel as a feature of your room, kinda like having a vase as your center piece on your coffee table. By the way the blue will lighten up the entire room. It has to be the right tint to balance the mantel.

2. You can paint the fireplace white and the mantel blue to create visual contrast in a space since, it is the focal point of your room. Not painted with a bright white. More of a matte white with a slight warm undertone to balance out the warmness of your floors and walls.

3. Paint the fireplace a soft yellow complimenting the mantel, by pulling out the color from the carpet.

Your fire place is an excellent feature of you home. Below are some guidelines of color you can work with. Also, note everything was done online through a screen. The colors given may not be an exact match to your carpet. Consider these colors as guidelines and ideas.

Martha Stewart Yellow Rose

Muralo Yellow Leaves

ICI Reed Yellow

Muralo Yellow Rose

Now remember there is trial and error with color especially with soft yellows and getting the right tint of blue for your fire place if you decide on either one of those options.

Good luck. Let me know how everything works out.


Thanks just so I'm clear the yellows that you chose, those will work with the rust color in the dining area? When you say paint the fireplace do you mean the tile?


Do not paint the fireplace tile. Paint above and around mantel and tile. Yes, I meant for the yellow to coordinate with the rust color to create brightness due to the dark walnut shade of your floor and rust wall.

Or you can go with a neutral beige to contrast the wall painted rust and the warm /dark walnut floor.


Janovic Warm Toast

Color Guild Lulled Beige

Behr Jersey Cream

Ace Barley

I recommend you paint a poster board with your preferred color prop up poster board over the mantel and look at your room in different angles and times of day. Let it stay up on the mantel for at least two days for observation. Use large poster board for the best visual aide. Sample and then do process of elimination.

Hopefully this will work out.


Color Tools

Thanks for your help and the tips about painting a board! I think I'm headed into the right direction. I definitely like the blue on the mantel which is boca raton blue benjamin moore what i was thinking is changing it a shade lighter to kensington green, because my living room towards the front of the house has a north facing window with a tree. I do not get much light. I was thinking of using the Kensington green in that room as well. So what I think I'd like to do is a neutral in the room with the fireplace bleeker beige bm and maybe a cream in the kitchen I was thinking dunmore cream benjamin moore and doing the front living room Kensington green. My worry is the undertones. I just can't figure them out. Could you give me an idea of colors as the ones I'd like to use with the correct undertones so they don't clash? Also, my kitchen is open to my family room (fireplace) which has honey cabinets that I'd like to reface in the near future.

What is your suggestion for the north facing room? I'm open to rotating the colors around.


The colors Bleeker Beige, Dunmoore Cream, and Kensington Green have different undertones. To keep the warm undertones it is recommended to change to a warm green. Since you get northern light you need a warm color to brighten up the space.

If you decide to stay with the current color palette use these colors in a hierarchy of shades with the besieges and last color Kensington Green in your living room. The color Bleeker Beige breaks up the warm colors (red and cream) from the cool.

1. Kitchen, Dunmore Cream transition to Bleeker Beige

2. Fireplace area, Bleeker Beige to break up the warm colors from the cool.

3. Living room, transition to Kensington Green.

If you prefer to change the green to a warm green I will be happy to assist you. Let me know. Don't forget to paint a poster board with the Kensington Green and see if it is the definite color you prefer.

Benjamin Moore Warm Greens

Corn Stalk

Exotic Bloom

Hopefully this helps.


I'm so stressed as you can tell from my enormous amount of posts :/ the north facing room is my biggest challenge and with the open plan I feel so limited. I think the easiest and safest way to go is find a neutral that will work with my floor, rug, sofasAND the north facing room, paint the whole downstairs that one color. As you can tell I'm clueless by my color selections still I can not get it right. So with that being said can you recommend a few neutrals that will work? Or in this case what would you do?

Am I your biggest challenge ever or what?? :)

With my decor would you choose a warm or cool neutral, wich undertones? The gray toned down the warmness but was too cold for the north room. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to look for. With all my dark floors I think lighter walls would be best. Can you suggest what you would do in my situation?

Sorry for repetitive questions. I read through the whole post and see the warm gray neutrals :) I was looking at Salem gray maybe have it lighten a bit to not darken the south room, since the house is narrow and so much dark decor and furnishings. Would the warm gray neutrals work ok in the north room?

I'm open to a warm neutral gray as long as it rich enough to look warm not cold, and not too dark to make the house appear smaller. The dining area going to have to change. I think its too difficult to work around Im not in love with it anyway. Maybe for the north room a cream of some sort and brightening it with a rug and mirror??


For your decor I recommend you use warm undertones with your red wall and carpet. I definitely agree with a light, bright gray to add warmth. Have you thought of working in graduated color of neutrals? For example having colors that are a tint above each other. I pulled out some neutral warm besieges. Creamy for the north facing room and a darker shade for the fire place or southern room. What do you think? I will happy to pull out a gray as well. Definitely accessorize, pull out some colors from the carpet and carry through pillows and any other accessories you may have make sure the colors are balanced in harmony.

Benjamin Moore Grays

Sag Harbor Gray

Richmond Gray

Benjamin Moore Beige Combo

Oakwood Manor

Barbados Sand

Remember to paint poster boards and prop on your walls. Hopefully this will work out.


Thank you for all your help! Those are very nice colors! I googled images of rooms in those colors and they looked beautiful! It's a little hard to tell from the computer and switching back and fourth between screens. The top two and bottom two are the combinations for the N. and S. rooms? Which goes where? I really like the seamless look of a graduated color. I also would not be opposed to a gray, I like the look of it in pictures I see. I just don't know how to pull it off and I can not visualize the big picture. I hope that makes sense?

So I have samples of old Salem, sag harbor, and Richmond - loved the way it looked online but in person it looks really green. I really prefer something less green. Would shaker beige or manchester tan work?

Or if you go back to my picture of the fireplace mantel with the blue, the sample paint I really liked it in the picture. That would be my ideal finish. i think sag harbor is pretty darn close so ill pick up a sample of that would that go with the boca raton?

Yes, after looking through pictures I do like the warm green with the floors but I do not want green through out the whole house. I also really like the blue mantel.

So sag harbor after holding it up to my walls, furniture, floor. I really like it. I don't think I would have picked it up, luckily it was in the book that I did pick up.

I think the sag harbor is going to work! I'm so excited! It will even work in the north room! Now is there a way to keep my fireplace mantel that baco raton or another color/shade close to it? I think I'd like to paint the dining area the same color as the mantel (Just the two walls window and window cut out area corner) and contine the sag harbor up around the vase up the stairs because the walls curve. I ordered this rug to lighten up the north room. My curtains I'm going to change to a color like my carpet take down the blinds and put up wood shades for privacy at night.


The Baca Raton Blue works with the Sag Harbor Gray; however, note my laptop screen and my fan decks from my living room lighting conditions.
Here is an idea I came up with, use the value scale (tints) of the same color of Boca Raton through out your space with Sag Harbor Gray. In different titration of color interchanging with the gray. The reason being is that you need to create visual contrast from room to room, if you only want to paint with the same color.

Ideas to consider, it is recommended you paint poster board and label each board with the paint name painted. To be more organized, the easier it will be to work with tints of color.

For example, add a number list for each phase of color coordination behind each poster batch of all rooms coordinated together. Batch one area 2. fireplace 3. mantel 4. dining area 5. southern room coordination not satisfied cross off number one then start with list 2 for each room not repainting boards relabeling each board as second batch and cross off batch one number selections on each board for each room. Something to think about in staying organized.

Here is my first batch for you to consider. Remember you can move around boards and relabel in different room name batches for your home.

Batch #1

1 North facing room Benjamin Moore Sag Harbor HC-95

2 Fireplace area not tile, Benjamin Moore Sag Harbor Gray HC-95

3. Fireplace mantel Benjamin Moore Boca Raton Blue 711

4. Southern room Benjamin Moore Fort Pierce Green 712

5. Dining Area Kensington Green Benjamin Moore 710

Then if you decide, you can do batch #2 erasing batch number list then start list number two. The reason being you are working with tints of the same color and you want to create color balance in your space. You can move around your boards and stay organized. See what works.

Hopefully this will guide you in the right direction with your new selections. Remember lighting conditions does influence how a color reflects.

Keep me posted on how this works out.

Good luck,


Thanks! I will definetly get some of those boards! Can you also recommend another neutral that goes with the sag harbor and the greens, in case the sag harbor is too dark or too green for the north room? I'd like to try to get this nailed down in one last trip.

I just noticed I can order larger sample sizes :)

I just want to thank you. I love it. It looks great in my lighting. It's been a little cloudy today and the sun is peeking through and the colors look amazing! The fort peirce add was a great idea! I will send pics once the painting is done :)


I am so happy to hear that everything worked out. Awesome! Looking forward to seeing the after pictures. Post the before and after pictures.

It was a pleasure working with you. :) Let me know if you need anything else.



Well I put up the sag harbor and I like it during the day but its really gray at night. My lighting just washes it out. I can say that grays, greens just aren't working. It's so weird right now I like it but I just don't like the gray that comes out. Maybe I'm more traditional then I thought. Maybe it's best to just do a cream and put me out of my misery.


As before with suggested batch #1 changed around the blue and gray to a warmer blue and the gray to a creamy beige.

1 North facing room Benjamin Moore Alpaca 1074

2 Fireplace area not tile, Benjamin Moore Fairway Oaks 1075

3. Fireplace mantel Benjamin Moore Hemlock 719 or Ocean City Blue 718

4. Southern room Benjamin Moore Bella Blue 720

5. Dining Area Capilano Bridge 1076

Simple solution use warmer undertones.


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