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Pearl Blue granite counters;white cabinets;white floor

Need help for walls. perhaps a silver or bluish silver/ would this work

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Here are a few color suggestions for your walls. A recommendation would be to use a deeper shade of blue, or silver, or gray to create some contrast against the white cabinets. Compare some of the grays, blues, and black specks within your counter top. Then pull out the desired color shade which matches your granite top. Below are some ideas and guidance. In case if you decide on a color, My Perfect Color recommends sampling color due to various conditions in your home. Paint swatch to monitor to a live space there will be variations.

Options to sample:


ICI-Blue Light

Clairtone-Medium Blue

Benjamin Moore-Wool Peacoat

Sears Silver

Benjamin Moore Wall Street

Hopefully this leads you into the right direction. Good luck.


Wow.this is a GREAT help. Thank you

P.s. is Clairtone a brand of paint?

Hi Grazoo,

Your very welcome. Yes, Clairtone is a brand of paint. Glad to see you like the blues. Keep me posted as to how your selected color goes.


What do you think of VanCourtland Blue, Candace Olsen Collection?

Ben Moore HC 145

Benjamin Moore HC-145 Van Court-land Blue should work well. Please note to compare this color to your counter top. If there is an undertone of blue in your counter top that matches closely then this color should work.

Hopefully this was helpful.


This is my pearl blue granite slab.

A little more silver.specks in it.


Here are some other color selections. Considering that I do not have a live piece with a real paint swatch for coordinating color to your counter top these selections are estimations. Note sometimes lighting can influence how a color reflects. The recommendation would be to use the silver by pulling out the silver specs from the granite. Some colors given have a blue/silver tone.

The recommended color would be Devine Silver.

Other color options:

Behr Silver Spur

Dulux Silver

Benjamin Moore Deep Silver

Match of Behr Silver Strand

Kelley Moore Sterling Silver

If these selections do not work. By any chance can you get a clear, and closer picture?

Hopefully these colors will compliment your counter top.


I will try and send you sonething

This is pretty accurate. I get a lot of light in kitchen.

This is an Internet picture but pretty on target.


Looking from your photograph the rendering was not as on target. Went to another site and noticed there are sparkled blue specs which has a metallic look. Also when I zoomed in your photograph there was a distant slab with blue reflective pieces. Is this on target? If so a silver blue would be the color. With the other colors selected, did those work out?


You are correct.. Ok I will start exploring silver blue colors. Perhaps an accent wall? In a darker shade. Someone suggested that with the chair railing in the kitchen.


Here are the other colors for your blue pearl counter top.

For your accent wall color should be a deep color to pull out the darker color out of the granite. Perhaps a contrasting color to give it more of a punch.

Some Ideas to play with;

Hopefully, this will guide you in the right direction with the extra silver/blue selections. If you need any more assistance with the accent wall reply back.

Post any before and after pictures of your kitchen and open plan. Curious to see how all of the selections tied together.



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